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Favourite christmas song


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The best, and possibly only good, christmas song is Rock and Roll Christmas by Gary Glitter.


The problem with that is it is a really good christmas record. Just seems so sinister now.




Probrably going to get abuse for this, but for me the perfect christmas song is Away in a Manger sung by small children. Christmas defined for me.


Record wise, Stop the Cavalry by Johna Louie.

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Hall and Oates - Jingle Bell Rock If only for the amazing video




Alan Partridge was right, it does blow your socks off.



I always enjoy The Killers ones that they throw out every year for charity too. As you can see I'll listen to any old shit with a decent tune at Christmas and the all year round come to think of it


EDIT - Nearly forgot David Essex - Winter's Tale which seems to be on all the time this year on the music channels. Probably because he's been in Eastender.

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