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Hurricane Bawbag


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90mph winds have been battering Scotland all day (on a blue bin day, of all days). While most civilised countries would be trembling and grabbing the sandbags, the citizens of Scotland have been verbally abusing the natural disaster by taking to Twitter and naming it "Hurricane Bawbag". #hurricanebawbag has now trended worldwide, confounding Americans en masse.


Anyway, discuss this shithead of a wind, showing no mercy on recycling bins across the land.

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It's been blowing what sounds like a gale in Newcastle all day. I've not been outside today though, so not sure quite how strong the winds are.


Out of interest, what's a blue bin day in Scotland?

Blue bin is when they collect the papers/pizza boxs/chip bags (recycling).


It is indeed mental out there. A few friends get the train to work and back and have no idea how they're getting home. I suggested a "kite", I was told to "fuck off". How does one "fuck off"?

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9am: all trains and buses will be cancelled from 2pm in inverclyde


1.45pm: all trains and buses will be running at a reduced rate in inverclyde


I suspect we were facing the worst hurricane to ever hit Scotland but I`m currently in Glasgow City Centre and people are still walking about shopping (although half the people in the office went home at 1pm, just in case. I`m still here though! cause you know, my boss knows i`m made of sterner stuff and can cope on my own)

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165mph in Cairngorm. That's nearly THREE HUNDRED KILOMETERS PER HOUR. Actual insane. I've always said that even though our weather is shit, at least it can't kill you like America or Japan with their tornados and tsunamis, but that's now right out the window. The one redeeming factor of our gash climate, gone.


Everybody, just don't fucking bother going outside. Watch Flog It! Or something. It's (marginally) better than being killed.


And yes, Blue Bin day is when the bin used for recycling (which is coincedentally) is collected. Paper, Cans, Bottles, Clothes, all that.

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