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Best Video Game Soundtracks


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I've not got time to flush this out now, but what are peoples favourite songs/scores and music from computer and video games.


I'm sure something similar has been done, but I cant find it


Basically pick choose and where possible link your favourite game music.


I'll try and keep an index updated on page one for ease of use and away we go.



Contents Table













Bubble Bobble- Main Theme





Cannon Fodder- War, never been so much fun


Captain America and The Avengers (Megadrive) - Target Town











Cool Spot- Rave Theme (Bonus Round),



cybernator- till the crack of doom











Donkey Kong Country 2 - Kong Rescued






EA Hockey-Main Theme






Fatal Fury Special -Geese Howard



Final Fantasy V - Gilgamesh theme







Final Fantasy IX - Mystery Sword





Garou: Mark of the Wolves- Rock Howard's Theme (Spread The Wings) With aptly a sample of Children by Robert Miles, seen as he is Geese's son afaik






GTA: Liberty City Stories- Dark March










Hyper Street Fighter 2- Guile's Theme


Hyper Street Fighter 2- Ken's Theme







Jaguar XJ220 (Mega CD)- Indego


Jet Set Radio- Gameplay


jet set radio -funky music


Jet Set Willy (Zx Spectrum)- Theme (If I Was a Rich Man)




















NHLPA'93 Theme




Outrun - Magical Sound Shower Sega Sound Team Live version


Outrun- Passing Wave



Outrun-Splash Wave




pop 'n' twinbee - ocean stage






Resident Evil- Save Room Theme


Ristar boss theme








Road Rash - Pacific Coast


Road Rash- Main Theme


Road Rash II- Main Theme



Rocket Knight Adventures- Boss Theme














Megadriver cover of Green Hill Zone





Sonic 3 was originally composed by the late Michael Jackson. Rumours had circulated for years after many fans said they had heard "Smooth Criminal" Samples in the Stage
Listen from about 20 seconds. Shortly after he died, Sega of America confirmed that MJ was in fact working with them to produce the Soundtrack to Sonic 3. But he left the project after decided the Mega Drive "de-valued" the sound of his music. Also due to the impending child abuse lawsuit at the time, Sega of America decided not to put his name to any credit. Samples of his work can be also be heard in the following levels:


Carnival Night zone - Act 1 (MJ Jam) about 1 minute in gives it away...


Also the Sonic 3 ending credits shares the same chord structure as Stranger in Moscow:















, Ken's Stage Remixed









Streets of Rage 2 Soundtrack 1-1 Go Straight (Follow the links in the vid for the rest of the soundtrack




Streets of Rage 3 - Fuze



Streets of Rage Remake, Remixes (follow the links for the rest of the soundtrack

















turtles tournament fighter -Leo's stage








Virtual Fighter 4 Evolution- Arise









Wolfchild (Megadrive)- The Wolfship (Stage 1 Theme)




Wrestlefest- Player Select


Wrestlefest- Title Music



Agent X theme from WWF Attitude













Zelda A Link to The Past - End Theme



Zelda: Windwalker -The Legend of the Hero of Time








EDIT Triple A's Boss Theme Medley from Page 6 Onwards

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Honourable mentions to Daytona USA, Tony Hawks 2 and the Wrestlefest menu music.


I had forgotten about this and now it's stuck in my head. What a great video game theme! Good shout on Tony Hawks 2 as well, especially with the awesome '96 Quite Bitter Beings'.

I'll add GTA Vice City, San Andreas and that radio station on GTA 3 which played the Scarface soundtrack.

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