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Dennis Stamp has Cancer


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Dennis Stamp, 65, is suffering from advanced stages of cancer and has been in Intensive care at a hospital in Amarillo. Terry Funk, who saw him over the weekend, said that his attitude was unbelievable considering the situation he's in. Stamp was a state champion amateur wrestler in Minnesota who was a small college All-American, that wrestled in the 70s and 80s. He's probably best known by modern fans as the guy jumping on the trampoline waiting to be called for another match (even though he hadn't wrestled in about eight years) in the movie "Beyond the Mat," and ended up as the referee for the Terry Funk vs. Bret Hart match in Amarillo that was one of Funk's many retirement matches. He was a journeyman performer in the 70s who got decent pushes in Leroy McGuirk's territory, in the British Columbia territory, California and West Texas. He ended up getting married and settling in Amarillo, and when that territory closed down, he came off the road. He continued in the business doing enhancement work for the AWA and WWF on television through the 80s.



Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


one of the most memorable parts of arguably the best wrestling documentary ever made. hope he gets well



(cue not getting booked jokes)

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