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The Second Annual UKFF Scottish Top 20


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Seeing as how this worked out quite well last year, so I'm going to do it once again.


Based on the concept of Big Benny's UKFF Top 50. For the second year, its.....



In January I will be listing the men and women who you think are the 20 Best Wrestlers in Scotland in 2011.


The rules are thus


1-To vote, send me a PM, You can nominate up to 20 wrestlers,ranked in ascending order (1st Top, 20th last) for the period of January to December 2011. If you vote for less than 10 wrestlers you will be asked to vote again, You can only vote one.


2- These rankings will then be assigned points (If you nominate between 15-20 wrestlers 21- The ranking number, e.g 7th gets 14 points, If you vote for 14 or less wrestlers, 15- The ranking number, e.g 7th gets 8 points)


3- Any wrestler based in Scotland is eligible , a Scottish wrestler not based in Scotland cannot be voted for, (i.e. Drew Galloway isn't eligible to be voted for, but Damien O Conor is )


4- Preferably only vote if you have been to at least two Scottish Wrestling shows and preferably a fan. Wrestlers and Wrestling Company Staff can vote, but it would be preferred if they didn't vote for themselves.


5- Both Male and Female Wrestlers can be nominated


Voting closes on 23.59 on 31/12/2011

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Aye, last year's list was pretty interesting, with Liam Thomson being the #1, yet he finished below some guys in the UK list.


It does have it's place I feel. Would be interesting to see a Welsh list as well.


EDIT: I've decided on a top 10 of...


<-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler


1. Noam Dar

2. Lionheart

3. Liam Thomson

4. BT Gunn

5. Andy Wild

6. Steven Xavier

7. Joe Coffey

8. Davey Blaze

9. Jack Jester

10. Chris Rampage



[close spoiler]



The bottom five in no order SHOULD be...


<-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler

James Scott, Johnny Starr, Dicky Divers, Chris Renfrew, Kid Fite.


[close spoiler]



... can't believe some of the people I'm going to be missing out on my final 15, and can't believe some of those who won't be in the 10. It's been an utterly phenomenal year.

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Cant think of 20, barely even 15, so i'll go for a Top 10...



What a year for this guy, started the year with TNA, WWE dark match. Consistently great main event performer on the scene and has a great look.


Andy Wild

One of my favourite wrestlers in the world to watch. Mannerisms are great and his match with Devitt was magic.


Noam Dar

Still a young up and comer but again gaining recognition all over Europe and also a recent DGUK match. Fantastic look about him and still so young, Noam Dar in 10yrs time is going to be frightnening.


Red Lightning

His act screams "sports entertainment" and this is what I enjoy most. Not afraid to mix with the big guys in gimmick matches in ICW and takes a softer approach at family based shows. An improved look and more aggressive ring style along with one of the best promos not only in the UK, but in wrestling today, gives him a high ranking in my list.


BT Gunn

Some good matches as PBW champion and an exciting ring style for fans of all ages. From the kids at PBW to the adults at ICW, its hard to dislike this dude.



His ICW character is great and suits him to a tee. Definitely a better heel than a face and he's realy redeemed himself in 2011 after some bad form in 2009/2010. His tags with Lionheart have also been the highlight of PBW shows i have attended this year.


Kid Fite

His ICW stuff again, has been great. Very very tough wrsetler. Almost murdered Red Lightning at Fear & Loathing 4. Again, never sure what you'll get from Kd Fite. It's good to see guys like this on the scene who are constantly changing up what they do and keeping fresh.


Stevie Xavier

Did not look out of place at all in King Of Cruises. I would like to see him improve his look but this guy can do anything. His 450 is phenomenal. And his Bucky Boys gimmick in ICW is fantastic


James Scott

A brief spell in Japan this year and also I like his rough, unorthodox ring style. Unpredictable worker and you never know what type of match you're gonna get from him.


Liam Thompson

A quiet year for last years #1 but his matches with Andy Wild have been wrestling clinics at times and they managed to tell a wrsetling story to the rabid ICW crows which is no easy feat. Sadly haven't saw enough of him to place him higher in the list.

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Are Scots not included in the other UK50?


Yep they are i think this is more aj's way of making sure the scottish guys get more recognition on here rather than just a coupole of them who make the journey down into england to wrestle..

Oh right, Scots couldn't vote in the other one then. Fair enough.

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We had this debate last year Pictos.

Most of the Scottish Exclusive Talent barely make it into the top 35 in the UKFF Top 50.

The reasons I do this is to show recognition to Scottish talent who either didn't make the UKFF Top 50 in Scotland (and hopefully boast their profile a bit on here, at least thats the hope) also the Scottish Wrestling Scene is actually getting really strong, with crowds back on the up and ICW getting a TV deal, so this is a good way to maybee introduce new fans to the cream of Scottish Wrestling.

If people wanted to do an English Top 20 or Welsh Top 20 that would be great, would be interesting to see who would make the top 20 in those poles.

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If people wanted to do an English Top 20 or Welsh Top 20 that would be great, would be interesting to see who would make the top 20 in those poles.

Bloody Poles. Coming over here and taking up places in a top 20 that an English lad could do.

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1 lionheart

2 BT Gunn

3 liam thompson

4 nicky storm

5 james scott

6 andy anderson

7 Damien occoner

8 Joe coffey

9 Falcon

10 Kid Fite

11 scott renwick

12 Jack jester

13 wolfgang

14 Jackie Pollo

15 Chris fenfrew

16 Red Lightning

17 Drippin Dick Divers

18 Glen Dunbar

19 Viper

20 adam shame


Thanks for voting, Could you PM me the list please.





Thank you to those who have voted so far. Also if any of you want to change your vote, just send me the new list and I'll use that one instead.

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