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Wrestling Artwork


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Over the last few months I've had various comissions done of wrestlers on the UK scene or from Chikara. Thought as a first post I could share some with you

1) For the Hammerlock Andre Baker Tribute Show, Art by Jack Lawrence



2) Jonathan Gresham / Heiracon for the IPW Summer Sizzler, Pencils and Inks by Dave Stokes



3) For the Hammerlock Show in Tonbridge, Pencils and Inks by Dave Stokes, Colour by Robert Parham


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Thats awesome Richie. Personally I have zero artistic talent which is why I have to commission these pieces.

Here's a few more


4) Chikara High Noon tribute, comissioned way before they announced the line up, based on the Gary Cooper movie poster, art by Jack Lawrence



5) Fed up with seeing Marty Scurlls name spelled incorrectly. Had this piece drawn by Robert Parham based on Marvel Secret Invasion Home Front cover



6) Hammerlock piece of trainee Hannah Harmstone. She was particularly nice to my son at the Hammerlock Tonbridge event so I had this commissioned. Pencils and Inks by Dave Stokes, Colours by Robert Parham


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That's kind of what I was looking for as I run a comic shop

Works in progress at the moment

1) Jimmy Havoc as Ash from Army of Darkness (NWA Hammerlock) art by Marc Laming tbc

2) Seek and Destroy (Captain Deano & Tony McMillan) as 'Nam Soldiers (NWA Hammerlock) art by Lloyd Felix

3) Los Ice Creams vs The Colony based on a Spiderman Team Up Cover (Chikara) art by Dean Beattie

numbers 2 and 3 are a departure from previous pieces as they are to be far more styalized than the traditional comic art/illustration above, with Lloyds art having Manga influences and Dean has a comic caricature style that is truly unique


Should be ready by Christmas

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