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What is the greatest Superhero movie of all time?

Pier Six Brawler

Greatest Superhero film of all time?  

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Been watching a lot of these lately. My pick would still go to the 1978 Superman movie, pretty much the genre-defining film. The Dark Knight is very good but not a classic IMO. Watchmen was a great comic but too much of its ideas had been used elsewhere in the 23 years beween that and the movie being released for it to have the same kind of impact. The 1989 Batman movie, which I thought was great at the time, really hasn't aged well at all, a major case of style over substance.


Edit: I just spent time doing a poll, why the hell hasn't it come up?

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I put SuperMan II in the poll but I had to take it out because it only lets you pick 10. It is very good. In some ways that and the first Superman are really a 2 part film, rather than 2 seperate ones, with most of the first movie being the origin and establishing the character.


I still say the Tim Burton Batman is pretty rubbish. The sequel was better but that wasn't too good either in retropsect.

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It's the 1989 Batman for me. As someone who has a general dislike for Tim Burton I absolutely love that film. :love:


Tim Burton made Beetlejuice and Ed Wood. Therefore he could stab my kids and still be alright with me.

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No superheroes in the Dark Knight... just a man. A flawed man. But it's the best film on that list, and I hate "other"... Superman II is some sort of omission.




I don't like having to vote other but when I saw the thread my instant thought was Superman 2, and seeing as when I clicked it I saw how Gladstone had said what I was thinking I had to do it.


To pick my favourite from the list though, I'd go with either Tim Burton Batman, or Iron Man... tough call between the two.

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