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The Best Feeling In The World

Jonny Vegas

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During a relatively slow and uneventful shift at work yesterday myself and my work mates got into a conversation about the little things in life that give you a few seconds of awesomeness.


Now before someone jumps in with the obvious i'll beat you all to it and say ''EJACULATING ONTO SOME BIRDZ FACE!!!! LOLZ!!!!!!1111''


Some of the examples that came up last night were;


* Leaving your boxers on the radiator to heat up whilst you're in the shower on a cold winter morning and the subsequent few seconds of undercarriage warming delight upon putting them on.


* Finding your own money in an item of your own clothing which you had did no idea was in there....a.k.a. ''free money''.


* The cold side of the pillow


The most random we had last night was described as ''the feeling of drawing on the sole of rubber bottomed slippers with a ball point pen'' :confused:

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Turning on the shower then taking a shit while the water heats up. There's something to be said for the feel of hot water hitting you seconds after dropping the kids off at the pool. I haven't thought of a name for this yet.


Paying a bill makes me feel like the most responsible person on earth at that exact minute. It feels pretty good.

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I do like driving with the windows down and the system up. Although my preference is to be cruising at a slow pace, cigarette in hand. I'm at peace with the fact that most people around think you're a dickhead for doing because it's so enjoyable that I don't really care.
Yes this, tho fast is good too sometimes, I like a mix and knowing everyone is looking and thinking 'what a cunt' even if their not can't take away from it. Pure bliss.



Personally I love hanging round in busy beer gardens at night smoking on my own while my mates have nipped for a piss or another pint, feeling alone whilst in a crowd with a beer, some good tunes and if I'm lucky a decent Nic rush. Couple of minutes of heaven.

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The first part of a piss when you really, really need one. Literally the first second and a half. If you could bottle that and sell it, you'd be a billionaire.


The feeling, not the piss.


Bit of a daft one this, but scoring a last minute winner on a FIFA/PES game often seems to give me a bigger a buzz than the rare occasion my real team does it. It must be down to feeling that you personally worked for it.

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