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Has anybody ever been to the Cartoon Museum?


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Well originally it was just supposed to be coffee, but now its a 'day out' and she brought up museums yeah.


Does this shock you? It's better than the last girl where we'd just basically do meth and fuck.


Or is it?

I wasn't quite sure if you meant 'girl', as in your child or 'girl' as in date-type girl. Just me being slow, mate.


Anyway, yeah man, I'd go for it. The cartoon museum is certainly something different, and should be a laugh! Best of luck :thumbsup:

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It's primarily political cartoons dating back centuries, with some comic book stuff upstairs and an extra exhibition.


If you're into that stuff, it's fantastic, and you'll want to read everything they have. If not, you'll be in and out in half an hour.


Which is possibly the closest in the date you'll come to saying that.

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I'm not wild for museums, but I do like galleries. Last time I went to a museum it was for a photography exhibit, but the last time before that (and this was kinda accidental* and also for a date) was to go look at dinosaurs at the National History Museum and I actually really enjoyed that.





* We had gone to see the Ice Sculpting outside the museum but it was so fucking freezing I wanted to go inside to warm up.

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