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*Offical* Dom's Iron Sandwich thread


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have been watching Dom Lawson's daily podcast on metalhammer.co.uk for a while now, and I think its great fun.

I tihkn hes got a great sense of humour, and its a great way to find out/re-discover some old classic metal, as the man is a fountain of metal knowledge.


Check him out on either www.metalhammer.co.uk or www.muzu.tv


Todays podcast - Download 2012 Headliners - were discusses all things Metallica, The Prodigy, Black Sabbath and what he thinks of the NME 100 Cool People list

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i watched a couple of his reviews, he drives me a bit mental though. He's one of those guys that thinks he's funnier than he actually is, plus i ain't really a fan of the talking to the camera/blog thing...he does know his shit though, and i usually think his reviews are spot on.


He gave my friends band a great review a few weeks back too! The Dirty Youth, weird that Dom likes it as they a bit of a pop-metal act with a female singer, but still...

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