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Mr. Seven's Top 50 Songs Of 2011

Mr. Seven

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Right, let's begin with a quick disclaimer:


Don't really post here as much as I used to and am quite busy these days so this could take a while. Maybe I'll get the urge to put up ten at a time but there is the real possiblity that this could drag on til the new year. Let's hope not eh? Also, download links are in the song titles where possible. Otherwise it's a YouTube link. I'm not uploading the songs myself, rather I am linking to existing download links so if that's not good enough, go and fucking download it yourself.


We'll start off with what probably would have been my #1 track of the year were it actually from this year. Sadly, it's from 2010. If you've seen Drive, you'll know it. If not, enjoy:


"There's something inside you, it's hard to explain"


BONUS TRACK: 'Nightcall' - Kavinsky




Sounds like: Bliss.


It's pretty gutting that this isn't from 2011 because there are few better feelings than strutting around a windswept city at night with this absolutely invading your eardrums. It's used to perfection at the beginning of Drive, a film that is both brilliant and frustrating. It's maybe good that this isn't in the official list as it really does tower over almost everything else that 2011 had to offer.

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I'm writing it all up in Courier because it's pretentious and lovely and people don't like it.


#50: 'Total' - SebastiAn



Sounds like: A great way to kick things off.

The man above kissing himself is no stranger to Kavinsky, having provided a fucking stunning remix of the latter's 'Testarossa Autodrive' - which incidentally appears in Grand Theft Auto IV. SebastiAn is fond of pulsating rhythm, high-pitched squeals and long walks on the beach. Probably. He is French after all. If you like music that goes a bit ker-azy but isn't Skrillex, you should appreciate his work. Fuck Skrillex. He will not be appearing on the list.

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"In my high heels, and my old dress"


#49: 'Knots' - Lisa Hannigan




Sounds like: Seduction.


For the uninitiated, Lisa Hannigan used to play with (and cuddle up to) Damien Rice. One public firing/break-up later, she went solo and showed much promise. Her second album, Passenger, surfaced late this year and cemented her as one of Ireland's strongest talents. She wears polka-dot dresses, sings in a smoky, breathy style and affects a ukelele on stage. If it all sounds unbearably twee, I'd suggest going to see her live as she's as captivating musicaly as she is utterly beautiful. If I sound like a schoolboy with a crush, then guilty as charged. She's marriage material, and I dread the thought of ever getting married. No wonder ex-boyfriends Rice and Gary Lightbody pine for her in interviews.

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"You want it all, you want to walk, you want to walk right through it!"


#48: 'Black Night' - The Dodos




Sounds like: Energy.


Just noticed the first three photos were black and white. Not intentional, but nice all the same no? Back to business. Few acts pack as much punch as The Dodos, and that they do it as just two people is pretty fucking impressive. Their songs are usually peppered by vibrant acoustic guitars and pounding drumming. 'Black Night' is no exception.

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"Les animaux dansent dans le Safari Disco Club"


#47: 'Safari Disco Club' - Yelle



Sounds like: Fun.


Did someone say 'Gallic electronica' ? A three-piece of sorts, the real star of Yelle is Julie Burdet, alias Yelle. She's a ball of kinetic energy and cute as a button to boot. What I really love about this song is just how much it gets under your skin before the wonderful kick-in hits at 2:40. After that it's like floating away on a cloud.

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"I'm a man on a mission or so I've been told"


#46: 'Repetition' - TV On The Radio




Sounds like: A slow-building assault.


How do you follow an album as incredible as Dear Science, ? It's a pretty impossible task and sure enough, TVOTR's follow-up, Nine Types Of Light, pales by comparison. It's still a fine work in its own right, with 'Repetition' the standout track. NB: Couldn't find a direct d/l for this so you'll have to scroll down the page and click on the player.

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