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Ultimate Warrior's new tv show


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Hi Guys


sorry if its already been posted, however the Warrior, has a reality tv show coming up and the teaser trailers are on Youtube (look for mrultimatewarrior).


Im not entirely sure what the purpose of the show is, other than to establish that Mr Hellwig is certifable.


It appears to evolve around Warrior torturing a bunch of unfit hapless teenagers (in full WCW Sarge mode, only more amped up), whilst dropping the f-bomb continously, raging like a roid animal and basically giving them hell for reasons as yet to be established.


My favourite moment so far:


Warrior is introduced to a bunch of teenagers who are all drinking and smoking. A smiling jovial Warrior, sits them down, and at first appears like a cuddly teddy bear, joking with them about the drinking etc. He then turns in a second, eyes full of rage, face ric flair red, and starts screaming in this one poor kids faces calling him a disrespectful motherf****r. Cut to a montage of Warrior working these kids out to death, with several of them puking.


Call me sick, but i found it all hilarious!

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