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Mark Henry comes out in a cast and on crutches. Henry complains about his broken ankle and says that this isn't how a champion should be treated. Henry said he's down, but not out as the crowd gave him a "You Suck" chant. Henry said he is fighting through the injury and wants to compete, but Teddy Long and the doctors won't let him because he isn't cleared. Big Show comes out and calls Henry a liar, saying that he kicked him in the crotch, not the knee. Big Show said that next time, but Henry cuts him off and said that there won't be a next time because he is a big loser. Show hits him with the WMD and walks to the back.


Daniel Bryan comes out and cashes in the briefcase! Henry's is out and Bryan rolls him over and gets the pin!


Teddy Long comes out and says that the win wasn't legal because Henry wasn't cleared to compete. Bryan is not the champion, and Long gives him back the briefcase. Long says that Bryan can get a shot at Henry if he wins a fatal-four way later tonight between Bryan, Randy Orton, Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes. The winner of that match will face Henry on the live edition of SmackDown! this Tuesday.


Zack Ryder and Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger is announced for later tonight.


Hunico defeated Justin Gabriel with the swanton.


Alicia Fox is on commentary. The WWE Rewind shows Beth Phoenix defeating Eve at Survivor Series.


Beth Phoenix and Natalya defeated AJ and Kaitlyn in a squash after Natalya applied the sharpshooter on AJ to get the submission. After the match, Kaitlyn leaves AJ in the ring while Beth and Natalya try to make her cry. Alicia Fox runs in to make the save. A referee and Fox carry AJ to the back.


The Kane promo that aired on RAW is shown.


Backstage segment with Zack Ryder and Sheamus talking about Ryder's quest to get a US title match. Sheamus said, "Let's kick the arses of Ziggler and Swagger."


Backstage segment with Long and Aksana. Mark Henry interrupts and is upset that he has to defend the title next week. Teddy Long makes the match a cage match for Tuesday.


Vickie Guerrero comes out to massive heat. Dolph Ziggler brags about being a double winner at the Survivor Series, similar to his promo on RAW. Ryder and Sheamus come out and the crowd goes wild.


Zack Ryder and Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. Good back and forth match. The finish saw Sheamus make a hot tag and destroy Ziggler. Swagger came in and is met with the Brough kick and is sent out of the ring. Ryder is tagged back in and he hits Ziggler with the Rough Ryder to get the pin.


Backstage segment with Daniel Bryan and AJ talking about their bad luck. Barrett interrupts, and will face Bryan later tonight. Bryan kisses AJ to end the segment.


A promo is shown of the WWE fan interaction in New York City over the weekend. A WrestleMania in Miami video then aired.


Ted Dibiase vs. Heath Slater is up. Jinder Mahal is on the Titan Tron saying that Dibiase is disgracing his family's wealth by hanging out with commoners in the parking lot. Slater jumps Dibiase from behind. Dibiase wins with Dream Street.


Matt Striker interviewed Cody Rhodes. Rhodes said that he threw water in Booker's face on RAW because Booker had a mocking look on his face. He then said that he he's going to win the four way tonight and become champion, and finished by saying "I can dig it, sucka!"


Main event time! Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton, Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes in a fatal four-way to earn a title shot next Tuesday. Bryan submitted Rhodes with the LeBell lock to become the new number one contender.


Next week, live on Smackdown: Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan for the WHC Championship inside a Cage.



Bryan must have a massive cock, for the ladies of WWE seem to love him. Rarely without a bird.

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sorry if i came off like a marky prick in the other thread but let me explain.

My understanding of the mitb is you can cash it in any time any place right.

so bryan should not have been refused the cashing in at all


Welcome to wrestling... where the rules change all the time.


Besides this is the first time the MITB has been cashed in against someone who was technically medically banned from competing, so there is no precedent to say that the wwe couldn't do this.


If you ask me, this was WWE's way of testing the waters with Bryan. Whats the bet it didn't go down well?

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Looks like Vince is still listening to the New York crowds. Obviously, I'll need to see the show but that is probably the best they are going to book Bryan.


Henry will win next week, but I can see Bryan being competitive. They can have the announcers play up the fact Henry is wrestling with a gammy leg and nobody gets hurt.

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I like Daniel Bryan, don't get me wrong, I think he's been excellent in the ring since he came to WWE and his promos have been alright as well. But if he gets that title off Mark Henry at this stage in any way, shape or form then that's fucking stupid. Far stupider than even *I* will tolerate from WWE.

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So next week he's going into a cage match with henry for the title?


Anybody else calling a series of "dusty" finishes leading into his eventual win/loss? This week he couldnt win because of the MITB on a non medically cleard wrestler, next week it'll be the old "You cant win a title in a cage on a tuesday" "dusty finish".


Oh dear :S

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Really good Smackdown, although the Aksana/Teddy Long stuff is starting to annoy me something awful. It's like Kristal Marshall all over again, with added music.


But hey-ho, nothing can ruin my enjoyment of Mark Henry, not even Daniel Bryan's terrible theme music. I don't know why they changed it back to Flight of the Valkyries, when he "won the title" it very much reminded me of Eugene.


On another note, it's absolutely incredible how much Dolph Ziggler has improved on the mic over the past few months. The transformation's insane, I don't think I can remember anyone apart from Trish Stratus who's gone from sounding wooden and forced to a complete natural in the way Ziggler has. I'd like to see Punk get a decent run with the belt, and perhaps even drop it to Ziggler at Wrestlemania.


I predict D Bryan puts in a courageous effort against Henry next week, but loses, and we'll end up with Big Show beating Henry for the title but knocking himself out in the process and Bryan cashing in against Big Show.

Not that I couldn't see something like that happening, but they'd be bonkers to take the belt off Mark Henry right now. They're actually doing quite a good job of building up a storyline between Bryan and Henry. I really do hope to see Bryan wrestle for the belt at 'Mania, and that's purely down to the recent booking. Up till that happened I was all for a Sheamus 'Mania push.

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