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Food what they don't make anymore

King Pitcos

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What food do you miss that you can't get anymore? For me it's Wotsits Waffles. Not the crisps. In 2002, I used to nick money from the till at work and go to the little supermarket round the corner and buy Wotsits Waffles. They were cheese-flavoured mini potato waffles. I'd never seen them before or since, and I've not met anyone else who remembers them. I only ever cooked them in the microwave at work as well, so I've never even had them made properly.


How about your fine selves?

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Snow Pops. They were like ice poles but opaque and creamy in texture. I remember the cherry ones were really strongly flavoured, like cherry Jolly Ranchers. Not seen them since the late 80s.


Used to be able to get frozen Mississippi Mud Pies in the supermarket too, supposed to let them thaw before eating them, I used to just hack away with a spoon and eat them still frozen.


Do they still make Alphabites? Used to love them.

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