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Randy Orton : Evolution of a predator dvd


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I thought you had every WWE DVD, ever?


i used to buy everything right away, back when silvervision didnt have 25 sales a week.


now i preorder blurays but not dvds, i especially those released on bluray as well. since ill never actually watch the dvd versions (they remain sealed) i prefer to get them as cheap as possible for completionist sake.


but yes i will still end up with everything, just not at the previous rate. you try keeping up with them all.


besides, i cant stand orton, so his dvd isnt exactly something i rush to get, same with cena and austin, cant stand them.


things have changed a lot now bluray has come along - back when it was just DVD i was always up to date. but since i only post here a few dozen times a year, well i would have hoped people would realise life changes.


amazingly i have more money now than i ever had before, yet im spending less. its very odd.

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