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Dynamic Pro Wrestling Update


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It is with sadness that we here at Dynamic Pro Wrestling are making the unfortunate announcement that, effective immediately, DPW will cease operations and that all future advertised DPW shows are cancelled.


This decision has been made due to the current economic climate, as DPW Management feel it is unable to run events that would financially benefit the company, and it's talent. It's unfortunate that after 3 and a half years of promoting events, the plug has to be pulled so abruptly, but we genuinely feel this is the only solution at this time.


Over the last 3 and a half years, under the management of Owner David 'Toga' Jagger, and Head Booker (over the last 32 months) UK talent El Ligero, as well as the crew behind the company, DPW has seen the company grow from promoting shows in a small but lively working man's club in Morley, to producing events in larger town hall venues around the Yorkshire area. We've been host to some fantastic talent, ranging from top US stars like Doug Basham, Kid Kash, Kevin Thorn and Magnus, to the top talent on UK soil, such as Doug Williams, Dean Allmark, Mikey Whiplash, CJ Banks, Joey Hayes, El Ligero, Nathan Cruz, Martin Kirby, Jack Gallagher, Marty Scurll, Noam Dar and countless others.


We also feel we've produced some terrific moments over the years that we've been lucky enough to be around, if you'd indulge us for a moment, with a few of them:



- A packed house at our debut show, featuring a memorable Jonny Storm vs El Ligero match, as well as the debut of the Mansonweight Title

- The surreal 'double suicide' moment of Myatt vs Manson

- A very young Nathan Cruz engaging in one of his very first UK feuds, with Dragon Aisu

- Then-GM Christopher Brammer and his favouritism towards Kris Travis

- The emergence of Cameron Kraze as one of the most popular men on the roster, under his 'Hometown Hero' guise

- A brutal and violent Last Man Standing Match to finally end the year-long El Ligero-Bingo Ballance feud, which earned both men a standing ovation.




- Crowning our first ever DPW Champion in CJ Banks, as the winner of a terrfic 8-Man one night Tournament

- The first ever Dynamic Pro Women match in our history

- The ultra controversial team of Dragon Aisu and Kid Kash nearly causing a legitimate riot

- TNA's Douglas Williams being the first challenger to the DPW Title

- Voodoo causing Martin Kirby and nearly the entire audience to do the Conga around the Ackroyd Street's Working Man's Club

- Martin Kirby's assault on comedy within wrestling

- Nathan Cruz and Sam Bailey wrestling in nothing but Xmas Boxers!

- The surprise return of Bingo Ballance to a very favourable reaction

- Mad Man Manson defeating Martin Kirby, meaning Kirby had to team with Manson for the rest of his DPW career

- Cameron Kraze finally winning the DPW Championship at our then-biggest ever show



YEAR THREE (and a half)

- Kris Travis being dumped out of Christopher Brammer's good graces, then seeking revenge, ultimately leading to Travis winning the job as General Manager, and firing his former boss on the spot

- CJ Banks becoming the first ever 2-time DPW Champion, after Cam Kraze suffered a shoulder injury and had to vacate the title

- The announcement of the DPW Tag Team Title Tournament

- The emergence of Robbie X as one of the brightest young talents in the country

- The arrival of Colossus Kennedy

- Cameron Kraze once again ascending to the top of the championship mountain

- The tremendous 3 Years Old show, which saw a genuine MOTYC in the Finals of the Tag Tournament of Ligero/Ballance vs Manson/Kirby, and the undefeated Colossus Kennedy become the Last Man Standing to claim the DPW Title from Kraze

- Martin Kirby finally embracing the fans and Manson as a friend, whilst his jealous personal official Ricc Dombrowski looked on in horror

- An amazing technical affair between Mikey Whiplash and CJ Banks

- The revelation of Ricc Dombrowski becoming the new General Manager

- An emotional August Anarchy 2011 which saw the retirement of Cameron Kraze and the the jaw-dropping MOTYC for the NGW Championship of Cruz/Ligero/Banks

- The final ever DPW show, which saw a true wrestling treat of Jack Gallagher vs Dean Allmark




Despite this being the end of DPW, it's not all sadness. Our final announcement is that our good friends at New Generation Wrestling, based in Hull, have decided that they shall be running the scheduled Pontefract Town Hall show on December 3rd, in our place. DPW and NGW have had a great working relationship for a number of months now, and NGW is considered one of the fastest-rising products in the country, with many DPW starts competing on their roster. We here at DPW have full confidence in NGW running this event and offer our full support and offer of help with helping them achieve the future theya re building towards. DETAILS OF THIS WILL FOLLOW VERY SOON


Finally, all that is left is to say thank you. Thank you to every single wrestler who has put their body and health on the line on a DPW show to help the company grow and be recognised. Thank you to every single person on the crew who has helped us out in some way, wether it be ring crew, merchandise, commentary or sound. But most importantly, thank you for every single fan who has given us their support over the years, any fan who has spent a night at one of our events, we hope you left a satisfied customer, and we hope you enjoyed viewing our product, as much as we did making it a reality.

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Sorry to hear it, I enjoyed my couple of trips to DPW, it sounds like a business man making a smart decision rather than being a fan and running too long at a loss. Hopefully if the climate changes DPW can return but if not thanks for entertaining me on my trips and being a good, reputable company amongst so much shite out there.

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I'm really sad to hear this. Since I moved to Leeds last September, this has become my new home promotion. I'll have to travel to Hull (and Preston) now for my regular wrestling fix!


It sounds like you're shutting up shop for the right reasons, so I can't say I blame you Toga. You've put on some excellent wrestling shows and it's been great to know that I was able to make the shows that I did.


All the best for everything else you do, and no doubt you'll still be spotted at other shows around the area!

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I've seen some cracking DPW shows over the last couple of years so it's a shame that you're closing shop Toga but there's no point financially running yourself in to the ground. It's be cool to see the DPW title defended at other promotions though, like it was at the Southside show in Nottingham a while back, it at least keeps the name in peoples minds even if it the belt doesn't have a physical home if that makes sense.


I take it you've still got some merch left over becuase I'm still after getting my hands on this years August Anarchy.

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Whiplash v Banks


Cruz v Ligero v Banks


Dare i say, "World class" action from DPW + tonnes more quality. After the penultimate show, my friend complained that his hands hurt from clapping so much! :thumbsup:


Thanks Toga + Crew


PS I now have to poster Ponterfract, where is it again? :laugh:

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