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The 50 "Best" & "Worst" Films Ever Made


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This looks familiar...

Indeed it may. Quite a while back UKFF alumni The Dart created a similar thread detailing the best films voted for by the UKFF (and somehow Saw 2 made it in...what was with that?) Unfortunately, said thread has been forever lost in one of the infamous forum crashes so I thought it was time to re-do it. However, rather than be too uninspired and just rip off his idea, I thought it'd be fun to explore both extremes and try to compile a list of not just the UKFF members favorite films, but their least favorite ones too.


So how does it work?

You, the loyal UKFF members, e-mail me your choices by Thursday, 1st December. I will then count the votes and begin the countdown the following week. There will be two separate lists: a top 25 and a bottom 25, adding up to 50 all together. I'd do 100 if I thought there'd be enough interest but I don't think even the best write-ups would be able to keep it from going stale.


How exactly do I vote?

We're going to stick with a good old fashioned method for this one. Just e-mail me your top 10 best/worst lists by the date mentioned above (which is subject to change, if need be) at reekingofawesomeness@hotmail.co.uk. PLEASE INCLUDE A RELATED SUBJECT TITLE! Anything marked "No Subject" could be missed. PMs are also welcome but the e-mail method is better, just incase my inbox gets full.


How will my votes be counted?

You should know the drill by now; your number 10 choice will receive +1 points, with the number of points increasing to a maximum of +10 for your number 1 choice. Vote collecting methods are the same for both lists.


Anything else?

While optional, it would certainly add more to the countdown if you could include some reasons behind your choices, even if only for a select few.


Are you actually going to stick with this one, Mr Squash Match Directory?

Firstly, I will update that thread, I swear. Secondly, this will be done over a slightly longer time span so, as long as there's interest, it will be done. I could always use some help and/or advice on laying out the write-ups though. Maybe from some more seasoned list makers (I'm looking at you, Nev).

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Saw 2 was Mike Castle's doing. Wouldn't be surprised if DJ Switzerland had a hand in there as well.


Just to clarify, are we voting for best or favourite / worst or least favourite?

I imagine it'd be the latter. There's no fun in a purely academic list.


Except of course for Ian's fantastic top 50 wrestlers thread.

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That would be correct. It's either you being simple or me not writing very clearly. The latter is more likely...but I'll go with the former to make me feel more competent.




I'll go with the former too, just because thats usually the case.

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I tend to erase shit films from my memory soon after watching them, so are we allowed to just send in a Top 10 Favourite list?

That is acceptable, although I implore you all to have a go at the both.

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