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Zack Sabre Jr: Birmingham training seminar


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Since Zack's in town for 3 days, we figured we may as well chuck up the ring a few hours early, and get one of the very best the UK has to offer get his teach on! We realise it's short notice, but you might want to drop your plans for this.


If you don't know much about Zack, you can read a little summary i wrote here:

How's about a bit of last-minute amazing news for you all? Top UK star ZACK SABRE JR is joining us for our Birmingham shows on 18-20th November! Having spent the last few years competing against world-renowned wrestlers such as now-WWE ace Daniel Bryan, US independent stalwarts such as Chris Hero, and Japanese stars such as Yoshinobu Kanemaru, 2011 was the year when Zack himself also went global. After visiting the USA in early '11, making trips to places like CHIKARA, in July he recieved the ultimate reward for his hard work, securing a three-month tour of Japan with Pro Wrestling NOAH. Now back in the UK, Sabre is looking to challenge himself as much as ever, and there'll be no shortage of that when he visits ATTACK! Pro Wrestling this week! BE THERE!

...but it doesn't really do the man much justice. One of the best-respected wrestlers in the country today, Zack is renowned for his technical expertise, and anybody budding to make it as a wrestler would find his advice and tuition invaluable.


Training is to be held before our Smith's Wood (Birmingham) show on Sunday November 20th. Arrive promptly at 11.30am to help get the ring up, and then you have all the way through to 4.30pm to turn to sponges and absorb as much from ZSJ as you can!


This session is not open to first-timers, but everyone else is welcome, from anyone who has their basics down, to current workers looking to improve their craft.


Because of the short notice,the cost of the session is just

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