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Grand Slam Wrestling - 17th & 18th Nov

Ravenhill Promotions

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The Superstars of Grand Slam Wrestling will be performing live on the 17th and 18th November, at Congleton and Crewe respectively:


THUR 17th - Congleton Town Hall - Congleton, CW12 1BN

- Box Office: 01260 270350


FRI 18th - Victoria Centre - Crewe, CW1 2PZ

- Box Office: 01270 537130



Stars scheduled to appear include:


James Mason

Big Dog

Stevie Starr

'Mean' Tommy Dean

Tony Spitfire

Ringo Ryan

Dean Allmark


and many more......

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I'll be checking this show out! Will be interesting to see the turn out, as we've had wrestling on here before, but not for a while.


Either way, to see James Mason will be a cracker!


EDIT: Also for anybody in the Crewe/South Cheshire area, Why not attend the GB Pro Wrestling Academy now every Saturday, 10am-12pm, at Camm Street Gym in crewe. Head trainer: Zack 'Diamond' Gibson.


All details in the sig below!

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Show results:




Ringo Ryan def Tony Spitfire


Big Dog def Tagori


Stevie Starr def 'Mean' Tommy Dean


James Mason def Dean Allmark


Stevie Starr won an over the top rope battle royal.






'Mean' Tommy Dean def Dean Allmark


Carl Cole def Tagori


Two Tonne Tank def Team NRG in a two on one handicap match


Tony Spitfire def Stevie Starr


James Mason & Dean Allmark def Two Tonne Tank & 'Mean' Tommy Dean

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The crewe show was packed! An idea of the attendance for congleton?

Congleton had 146 paying, not as much as Crewe unfortunately.

To be honest thats still good for around here though :thumbsup:


Good stuff all round, it was a top night!

Glad you enjoyed. We went into Crewe a couple of guys down, but thankfully was able to pull a nice little show off. The crowd ate it up.

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