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Richie Freebird

Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

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22 hours ago, Onyx2 said:

It's not a minor news item but I read this on Wreddit's Observer Rewind from October 2000:


The little twerp is second gen! No wonder he's bulletproof. 

He was also the head of TV production when we watched wrestling because we liked it, rather than because it gave us something to complain about on the Internet.  Of all the heads of TV production in wrestling history, Kevin Dunn is the guy who produced the shows when we most enjoyed them. As much as we might have bought into Jim Cornette's rants about him back when shoot interviews were all the rage, we've never seen a viable candidate to replace him.

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12 minutes ago, Kaz Hayashi said:

Wouldn’t disagree with that, but I’d take that over the forced OTT vibe at WC. A happy medium would be ideal. I think I just massively prefer the way that Defiant is presented by those involved. It can feel like a small-big show if that makes sense. Also, things start on time and no bullshit owners ego, at least in comparison.

I really dig how it's presented too, I just wish the audience were more vocal but that's just a peeve of mine with all wrestling (a lot of ROH and AAW shows for example have crowds that just sit on their hands and it's really aggravating. Not CZW-levels mind, but close at times). I do feel like I'll have to stop there though as my moaning about crowd noise has now bled into two threads!

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