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Programmes being considered for the WWE Network

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Courtesy of wrestlingobserver.com.....


WWE has a lot of new programming they are considering for their network, among the ideas listed on the WWE web site are:

*A show with Steve Austin and a more high-brow beer taster going around the country sampling beer.

*Mick Foley going around the country to amusement parks and checking out the rides

*Mick Foley hosting a show with the craziest moments in WWE history like the insane high risk moves of himself, Jeff Hardy, Shane McMahon and others.

*The Big show and wife Bess reality show, showing off her cooking talents and him showing off his eating talents as well as life at home.

*A reverse biggest loser, in this case it's skinny guys who work with a WWE performer to add muscle to their bodies and try then get girls.

*A fitness show with various WWE men and women stars where you go go the gym with them and they demonstrate their workouts and give nutritional advice. Shouldn't that show be with the guys who are their trainers and give them their nutritional advice?

*Divas on the road in a tour bus. I guess they'll create women fighting over guys in their storylines.



I love the 'reverse biggest loser' idea. Awesome!


Can you come up with any better?

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It strikes me that with the WWE Roster on tour most of the time, it might be prudent to call in some legends


  • Sid's Justice - Sid rides around the place with a group of bounty hunters looking for villans.
  • Super Papa - In an answer to Super Nanny, Charles Wright dons his Papa Shango gimmick and advises parents on managing their childs behaviour. Watch as 6 year old Mindy's tickle Me elmo spontaneously combusts when she refuses to eat her veggies.
  • The Lex Factor - Lex Luger looks for an incredible specimen to take up the mantle of "new Total Package".
  • Downtown Abbey - Vince McMahon shells out for an expensive manor in the English country side. He then gives it to Downtown Bruno, AKA Harvey Wippleman and films the results as Harv tries to fit in to aristocratic life.

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Meng Behaving Badly got a genuine laugh there! good work.


My suggestions....


Nash's Bridges - Big Kev takes us across America, visiting the many and varied (paid) Suspension Bridges.


Booker Vrs Booker - A Booker T hosted chat show where he has barely coherent conversation with wrestling bookers such as Biill Watts and Vince Russo.


Hakushi's Castle - retired and semi-retired "foreign wrestlers" compete in dangerous obstacle courses for a chance at a 1 year WWE contract, featuring the likes of Funaki, The Bushwackers, Nikolai Volkov, Yoshi Kwan and The Truth Commission.

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Some of my own:


'Cena All Before: Back to School' - John Cena returns to wrestling school to learn new wrestling manoeuvres ahead of his Wrestlemania 28 main event vs The Rock!


'One Foot In The Grave' - A brand new scripted situation comedy featuring the WWE Chairman of the Board, Vince McMahon, as he adjusts to retired life as son-in-law Paul 'Triple H' Levesque takes over the day to day running of the company. How does the grumpy patriarch of the McMahon family cope with life from the sidelines? With hilarious consequences.


'Small Time' - A fly on the wall look at the life of Hornswoggle, as the 4 foot 6 sized mini WWE Superstar travels from city to city, engaging in small talk with the locals and taking everything that a big world throws at him, in his tiny stride.


'Punk Biker' - CM Punk and buddy Colt Cobana ride bicycles around a different U.S. city each week, exploring the sights and sounds of Americana.


'No Meat But Lots of Greet' - Vegetarian Daniel Bryan holds court with a different group of vegetarian WWE fans each week, learning how to cook different vegetarian recipes.


'Wwee' - A Glee-style program showcasing WWE superstars musical talents.


'Ross Ribbed' - A 'Punk'd'-style show where Jim Ross has pranks played on him in his own home on a weekly basis by Vince McMahon.

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Meng Behaving Badly- fly on the wall documentary with everyone's favorite hardcase Meng


one foot in the grave hosted by kamala


Someone needs to make these.


My suggestions:

Guinness, Leprechauns and Ken Shamrock - "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock goes on a guided tour of Ireland, aided by his friendly sidekick Hornswoggle.

Week 1: Shamrock belly-to-belly suplexes the curator of a Potato Famine museum in Dun Laoghaire.


Goldberg: The Streak! - A two-hour special looking at Bill Goldberg's monumental undefeated streak, featuring over 100 matches in full. Witness the spear, the jackhammer, the pinfall as Bill Goldberg decimates the entire WCW roster.

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