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NWA TV Channel on IPhone


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Im not sure if its been said here before as search dont work for me.

I downloaded a free app called " Filmon Free TV " at time of writeing now it is number 8 on top free apps.

Theres a NWA Wrestling channel on there in the sports bit and seems to be on 24 hours a day.

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I caught a bit of this last night, with what seemed like a red hot angle inside a cage where Adam Pearce, Joey Ryan and Karl Anderson were beating the holy hell out of Phoenix Star and Zokre. Ripped masks and everything. Sicodelico Jr then ran in for the big save and the heels scarpered.


I'm guessing this was NWA Hollywood? First time I'd seen anything from the promotion and was impressed at the size of the crowd, the production values and the angle as a whole.


It seems you get so long as a freeview, then you have to sign up.

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