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WWE Wrestlemania Revenge Tour 2012


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* Saturday April 14th - WWE Smackdown - Manchester M.E.N. Arena

* Sunday April 15th - WWE Raw - Nottingham

* Monday April 16th - WWE Raw TV tapings - London at the O2 Arena

* Tuesday April 17th - WWE Smackdown TV tapings - London at the O2 Arena

* Wednesday April 18th - WWE Smackdown - Sheffield

* Thursday April 19th - WWE Smackdown - Cardiff

* Friday April 20th - WWE Smackdown - Newcastle

* Saturday April 21st - WWE Smackdown - Glasgow

These dates are being reported by Ewrestlingnews.com as being announced by WWE for the April 2012 Wrestlemania Revenge Tour for the UK, though I can't find anything on the WWE website. I will be going to the Raw tapings, but I can't see anything on Ticketmaster yet either. Do they only start advertising them officially on TV from when they are on sale? As I don't want to end up with shitty seats.

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It looks like Raw will be doing all their houseshows in other European countries which is a shame, but if Smackdown's roster is still this strong we'll be in for a treat. I'll get tickets for Manchester I reckon as I don't fancy the expenses of staying in London for two nights.

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The people that are in the front row have either won them in competitions or they know people that work at the arena. It's quite an education looking at that mini site, I always thought Newcastle and Manchester were a short distance from each other. I see Glasgow again gets lumbered with just one house show and a Smackdown one at that, i guess after 3 Raw house shows it was only a matter of time before we got Smackdown again. Thankfully it is the last show on the tour so they might make an effort to give us something decent before returning to their homeland, also the draft should have happened before then so maybe get some good stars over on Smackdown.

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Any sign of an on sale date yet?


November 19th


I see Glasgow again gets lumbered with just one house show


If you're playing up to the fact that people were calling you a tool for saying things like that then you're a tool. If you're not playing up to it and are actually saying that, then you are also a tool.



On the subject I went to the house show in Manchester yesterday and I think it was probably the best house show I've been to, if it wasn't then it was definetly the best one in years.

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