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Conrad Murray


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Has anyone been following any of the trial of Conrad Murray - Is anyone interested?


Any predictions on the trial outcome, or an opinion on any of the evidence?


My hubby is a HUGE Michael Jackson fan - we had tickets to see a couple of the different O2 shows, and so we've watched most of the trial.


Some of the evidence is pretty damning/shocking - like the quantities of drugs ordered etc, and the apparent delay in calling 911. But given that Michael Jackson had become something of a pariah following the child abuse allegations - despite being found innocent - do you think some of the jury might consider it delayed justice??


Personally i dont see how he can be found not guilty - anyone care to disagree/discuss/rant?

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He's guilty of negligence just from the pure fact he waited like half an hour before he called 911 plus when the medics arrived he didn't tell them he had given Michael Jackson Propofol. Doctors have said that if he had called 911 straight away and told paramedics what he had given him then the paramedics probably would have been able to revive him.

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