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IPW:UK "Future #4" -

Daniel Edler

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  • 2 weeks later...


Venue: The White Oak Leisure Centre, Swanley, Kent

MC: Thomas Chamberlain

Referee: Chris Hatch




Match #1: 'Dazzling' Darrell Allen defeated Sri Lanka's Shann Budikka via pinfall after a Frogsplash.

Match #2: 'The Idol' Ian Logan defeated Tristan Striker via pinfall.

Match #3: Jonathan Windsor defeated 'Party Boy' Phil Ward via pinfall after a low blow behind the referee's back.


Match #4: The Jimmy Havoc Invitational - Jimmy Havoc called out any trainee from the school, and Joel Martinengo, making his pro debut, answered the call. Jimmy defeated him with a sit-in Tombstone Piledriver after a valiant showing. Tony Johnson then answered the invitation, also making his pro debut, but was also put away by pinfall. Finally, 'Stone Cold' Steve Patten answered the call and took Havoc to down, finally winning the bout via pinfall after a Stunner!

Match #5: 'Lethal' Lucy Claydon defeated Hannah Harmstone via pinfall in the evening's ladies contest.

Match #6: Zack Sabre Jr defeated James Dahmer in an excellent contest via pinfall with an Armbar.


Then, in our main event of the evening, everybody on the card and more, including 'Dazzling' John Cena, took part in an over the top rope rumble. It was however, General Synnott, making his IPW:UK debut fighting out of British Columbia, Canada, who press-slammed both Havoc and Shann Budikka from the inside to the outside in quick succession.


Thanks to everybody who came along and watched some great Future stars in action! Next IPW:UK show is November 27th in Sittingbourne, Kent!

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