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Friendly Advice for wrestlers sending their details to Richard Jubb an


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As some of you may or may not have seen on various different forums and social media sites, Richard Jubb, promoting under the banner of City of Steel Wrestling is calling on workers to send him videos, profiles, fees etc if they wish to work for him. I would never tell anyone who to work for and who not to work for, but here is my take on it.


In 15 years as a Wrestler I have never once received a late payment, or a short payment. Congratulations City of Steel Wrestling Strong As Steel Wrestling Academy Heather Jubb and Richard Jubb for being the first promoters to ever manage it and both at once.I would like it known that I no longer wish my name, my image, my reputation or my intellectual property to be associated with such an amateurish, unethical promotion and training school.

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Seriously though what happened? Was it just being messed about with pay or something else? I was always a bit dubious about the training school and the promotion as I've never really heard anything about them, can't seem to find anybody who trained at the school or has been to a show.

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This is taken from UK wrestler Sabotage's staus on Facebook.......


"A month or so ago myself, Matthew Gill and Shaun Davis all went over to Sheffield to work for a new company called City of Steel Wrestling (CSW) run under the self appointed British Wrestling Council umbrella by a guy called Richie Jubb. The booker was long time friend The Pigman Andy Hogg and we negotiated discounted wages for him so their first show could be as successful as possible with a decent level of production etc.


First night it became clear that wages were going to be a sore point. We asked Andy to remind the promoter we don't work for free and he had done this over and over again only to be told we would be paid by cheque at the end of the 3 days. I wouldn't take a cheque from anyone so we asked Andy to tell him we wanted cash at the end of each night. Standard procedure.


This was becoming awkward and embarrassing for Andy and the promoter seemed to be brushing it off. The first show drew well. However, the second had no advertising or promotion and drew 15. We spoke with Andy about the likelihood of repeat the next and final night and decided it would be best if Me, Matt and Shaun only did two nights due to the piss poor promotion and financial burden of having to pay our wages if it drew shit again.


It drew about 20.


We got paid, but only because Andy pushed the promoter hard before we marched him to a cash machine and relieved him of his funds.


It now turns out that other people were not so lucky and have only got paid 6 weeks later and maybe not for the full amount. The promoter now hides behind his wife saying the stress is making him ill and he shut the training school that Andy ran for him saying he wanted to concentrate n running shows.


Andy subsequently lost his patience, told him where to stick it and set up his own school with the existing students. Fast forward to today and Andy has a visit from a benefits fraud officer who had been tipped off that he was earning money whilst claiming benefits. The person who tipped them off however didn't know that Andy declares everything that he makes and its therefore being taken no further. Now it doesn't take a genius to add 2 and 2 and make 4. Richard Jubb, I assume this was you or your wife and if so you are a disgrace and should be ashamed of yourself.


Please, any professional wrestler contacted by Richard or Heather Jubb DO NOT work for them unless you get cash up front and have nothing to hide. This level of unprofessionalism and spite is exactly what the BWC were supposed to be putting a stop to yet this scumbag is under their banner. An absolute disgrace."

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Well that explains a lot. I was approched by someone about becoming a trainer for a 'new' training center in Yorkshire. That someone is affiliated with City of Steel Wrestling (as far as I know only as a worker, not as any kind of backstage position). Given that I havent wrestled for over 3 years and wasnt all that great even then it did leave me worried.

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