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There was a delightful little topic a few weeks ago where we all discussed sitcom ideas... Well that topic inspired me to work on my own sitcom set in a Job Center/Job Recruitment Agency. I'm ill so UKFF'ers I need a bit of help from the lads, any ideas with plot, or characters for future episodes... what I have so far though is...


*The show is written as a real time fast paced farce.

*3 lead characters (Garry, very Basil Fawlty in that bastard kind of way), his assistant (heavily pregnant, ends up involved in lead characters schemes) and their main boss who appears to ruin the plan or bring the episodes plot crashing down on our lead character. There are also a variety of Polish job seekers around (this show being set in Warrington) who tend to be fucked over or treated like shit from the main character but win in the end.

*It mainly takes place in or around the job center.


ANY ideas would be great as I'm trying to fucking battle this writers block at the moment.


One episode has already been 1st draft written so if anyone cares to check it out, PM me with your email address and I'll send it on for you to have a browse at.

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