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NGW Eternal Glory, Sun 4th December - NEW CHAMPIONS


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McGuiness v Gallagher 30min Iron Man Oh yes, yes, yes (please).


lol, Gallagher would be tired after that so a guy who retired/retiring due to medical reasons might struggle :rolleyes:

So if one wrestler "struggles" & the other would be "tired", Does that make it impossible or a bad idea? & Cheers for the eyeballs BTW! :rolleyes:

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I see the point made by both sides here, but I think with those two guys most of the match would be slow building holds and counters. Only a few larger moves at the end of the match, I think it is a fair idea to suggest. Though I personally believe Gallagher would be tired after 30 minutes, but far from being blown up. That man's cardio is very impressive.


However I personally don't see the need and or desire to have it an Iron Man Match. Put those two guys together in a singles match, give them the time it deserves/needs (which NGW always does) and Iron Man or not they would put on a cracking British style match. Like the Jack vs Whiplash match from the last Futureshock show.


Think with the hype Gallagher has around him at the moment, that match would be a nice draw. But putting Nigel with either Dean Allmark or Rampage Brown would be a very solid match as well. Saying that I hope they use the chance to help push a younger guy, and with Cruz/Bailey/Myers/Dara all booked already, Jack does seem like the logical choice. Guess we will have to wait and see :thumbsup:

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