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best places to train in the northwest


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Hi all.

I used to wrestle a couple of years ago until I smashed my leg to bits and am interested in having one final swing.

I used to train in Nottingham with Styxx and it was exceptional. This has become a bit of a trek for me these days and I was wondering in anyone can make any recommendations about good places to train in the north west (I'm based in Manchester).

I tried out Future shock but found that it is very expensive and like many training schools they fill all but 30 minuets of the training with ill conceived exercises. I'm a qualified personal trainer and have noted over the years that much of the training dolled out to kids is down right dangerous, but thats a separate point.

I understand that the dude that took the session is not the lead trainer and may tray them again but am very interested in alternatives.

I drive and am happy to travel for training.

Any reviews / opinions would be great guys.



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Not to knock you, but if you didn't like FutureShock I doubt you'd like anywhere else in the NorthWest as I find GPW pretty similar, and Zack Diamond was partially trained at FutureShock, so I imagine his training methods are somewhat similar.


Also, if you're serious about training and want to get in more than one session a week, then FutureShock will work out cheaper, afaik. Although I haven't attended in over a year so that may have changed.

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Hey guys

thanks for the quick responses. couple of things - where is Grand pro Wrestling based?


Also, I appreciate that I will proebebly struggle to find the level of training offered by Styxx again. I have been involved with wrestling for 11 years and have experienced all sorts at various places! The counter productive 'warm up' that are actually ill conceived workouts is one of my big bug bears...




thanks again guys, I'll check these places out

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Just a note, i would say the like of GPW/Futureshock (Along with Stixx's wrestling school of course) are some of the very best in the country for developing as a wrestler.


Thats not to say GB Pro isnt of that standard, although they are very new on the training side of things. Zack of course did Attend Futureshock as well as various other Schools which makes him of the hottest talents around these days. I can say the few they have had in so far (With previous wrestling experience ) have improved hugely in the short ammount of time they have been open (6 weeks so far!)


So all the best in your search!



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Check out the XWA Wrestling Training School in Morecambe, Lancashire (about 20 miles north of Preston).


We're based at Regent Park Studios, Regent Road in Morecambe, the North West's only Extreme Sports training centre and film studio. Main trainers are Johnny Phere (XWA British Heavyweight Champion, FWA star) and Dave Rayne (Future-Shock Champion, Preston City Wrestling, NGW etc). In only three years since opening, the XWA Training School has already seen promising UK up-and-comers The Blackpool Blonds (Axl Rage and JD Sassoon) and XWA Best of the North West Champion Jynkz come out of the school and go on to appear on major shows nationwide and receive strong reviews for their work, with more of our trainees threatening to break out in the coming year. Guest trainers have included Stixx, Mad Man Manson, Alex Shane, Robbie Brookside, CJ Banks, Joey Hayes and Joel Redman.


Training sessions are twice weekly, Sundays 2pm to 5pm and Wednesdays 7pm to 10pm. Training sessions cost

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