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I've been getting a lot of interest from folks since I started doing the Grand Pro Wrestling posters, and even more so since I revealed their new website last night. So I thought I may as well offer my services to both promotions, businesses and wrestlers alike!


Well, I've been a graphic designer for about 10 years now, working both on print and digital, sadly a lot of work I'm really proud of is under the banner of companies I've worked for but I've posted a few bits and bobs below from my freelance work.


My services include websites, logo design, branding solutions, promotional materials (posters, brochures, etc), t-shirt designs as well as designing wrestling gear for wrestlers. And basically anything else you can think of that's design based!


I'm currently in the process of revamping my portfolio site at www.irontooth.co.uk, but if anyone is interested in working with me, please feel free to contact me at chris@irontooth.co.uk if you're looking for a quote.


Examples of work:


Web Design



Promotional Materials

fntv.png notb.pngsikthposter.jpg horizon.jpg


DVD Covers

dvd1.png dvd2.png


Commissioned digital paintings

gerrard.jpg teeth.jpg


Logo Design



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Don't really get the artistic license to create such minimal arty style wrestling posters like the WWE use, I created this for a wwe fantasy league I'm involved in. Based on a feud between Edge & Christian, where current Edge is losing his mind with paranoia over the threat from Christian's 3 month winning streak.



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Just quickly wanted to add:


Having worked with Chris on the GB Pro Wrestling website, I can say he was great to work with and cannot recommend him highley enough! Very easy to work with, (considering how little I personally know/knew about webdesign/hosting/etc), took everything I wanted and made it look great!


Again I would highly recommend his work, (Infact I allready have!), to anybody looking for a decent website.


All the best with the company, and I'll be in touch in the future!





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Thanks Dan.


I've had folks asking about doing match graphics/poster combos. I do create "Show Packages" for companies, that include a set theme for a show poster, match graphics and additional items if required. The work I've done for GPW is a solid example, especially the recent shows. A show promotional package will usually be around

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Thanks Dan.


I've had a few folks saying they like my work but think I'd cost to much to hire, I don't work hourly but base it on the project, and as Dan will probably back up, I'm dirt cheap ;)


Blimey, I can say after doing alot of shopping around Chris is by far the cheapest, yet in a professional way of course ;) . You get what you pay for. His work is solid and by all means you get exactly what you ask for, plus it looks amazing to boot.


From my personal experience, alot of other companies charge alot more, for alot less work.

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