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FutureShock 55! Sun 6th Nov Stockport Guildhall

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On Sunday 6th November FutureShock is proud to present our final live event of 2011 as we return once more to the Stockport Masonic Guildhall.



We will end what has been a standout year for us with a long held tradition: The Annual FutureShock Trophy Tournament! A classic 8 man elimination tournament that sees the winner receive the coveted Trophy and a FutureShock Title shot on a date of their choosing over the next 12 months!


Attendees of our October event will have seen the field, which included some of the UKs best up and coming talent go head to head, narrowed down to just 4 men!




Sam Bailey a former Trophy Tournament Winner and FutureShock Champion


CJ Banks the Pound for Pound Best wrestler in the UK today


Cyanide the 400lb unstoppable monster


Zack Diamond Gibson one of the UKs hottest and hungriest rising stars!





The Semi-Final and Final matches will all be held on November 6th which will make this already monumental tournament into a gruelling test of stamina and willpower as the victor will have to defeat not one, but 2 world class opponents in one evening!!



FutureShock Title Match






The current number one contender has not yet cashed in his Title shot, choosing instead to spend 2011 having Match of The Year after Match of The Year contender against some of the worlds absolute best competitors. Having defeated RJ Singh, Bubblegum, Mikey Whiplash and Joel Redman, and going toe to toe with ROH World Champion Davey Richards, FutureShocks own The Grappler Jack Gallagher has finally set his sights on the ultimate prize The FutureShock Championship!



Standing in his way is current, reigning and self proclaimed Greatest FutureShock Champion EVER: Dave Rayne. After taking the Title in a cruel betrayal back in February Rayne hasnt been short of impressive victories himself, with his entourage in tow Rayne has faced and defeated Sam Bailey, current XWA Champion Johnny Phere, reigning GPW Champion Dangerous Damon Leigh and Former WWE Superstar Colt Cabana. However Raynes time is up and now he must face what many are already calling the true Champion in FutureShock Jack Gallagher!




With the Trophy Tournament final hanging in the balance, plus confirmation on the FutureShock Tag Team Title defences theres plenty of reasons to keep checking back here on our website www.futureshockwrestling.co.uk for all the updates and news! As well as tickets, DVDs and more!



FutureShock 55! - Stockport Masonic Guildhall

Sunday 9th October 2011


Stockport Guildhall

Wellington Road South (A6)

Stockport, Cheshire



Doors open: 17.30

Show starts: 18:00



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These two teams have battled back and forth for over a year now and it all comes to a head on November 6th!

Since winning the Tag Titles from Vitamin C last year The Models have done everything they can to stop FutureShocks most popular tag team from having another shot at them, going as far as shattering Carl Clinch's knee with a hammer at FutureShock 50! Cooper was left to battle alone and managed to pull out singles victories despite the odds againt both Joey Hayed and Danny Hope Each win coming at a cost though as post match The Models left Cooper beaten and bloodied.

Despite still not being 100% Clinch has refused to let his partner down though and a final match has been made between the two teams. Final because if Vitamin C fail to regain the Tag Team Titles they will be forced to part ways, permanently.


It's All or Nothing at the Guildhall on Sunday 6th November!

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Footage aired of Banks and Rayne assaulting Gallagher backstage, it was said he had to go to hospital....the title match was postponed..


Trophy Tournament

Zack Diamond def Cyanide

CJ Banks def Sam Bailey


Futureshock Championship Match

Dave Rayne

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had a great time!


highlights were (in no order)

1. Salt and vinegar crisp man

2. ghost face, who we made over

3. G-Man destroying the raffle

4. Gallaghers win!


very fun night out


That order looks good!


Although I would add -


5) The kid attempting to throw Vitamin C's Space Hopper in the ring, and hitting the ropes 3 times!


"You can't raffle!" "Ghostface, Ghostface, Ghostface"

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