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I have had an interview today that I thought went very well ,

the two people that were interviewing me today made lots of smiles and laughter at the start and end of the interview and assured me I would hear back by the end of today.

I have not recieved a response but my mates who work for the company say the HR department are very slow.

My only concern was how short the interview was I answered 8 questions in 30 minutes.

any advice please ?

thanks very much.

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I just want advice on if its normal for companies to say they will contact you,

then not ?

It was my first interview in seven years so Im unsure how It all works.



Oh right.



Yeah, it happens. Don't hold your breath.. get in touch with them if you want after it's been a bit longer than they said it would be.

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thanks chest, I will give them a phone call tommorow,

I can only hope that they got sidetracked or did not manage to get my references yet.

I'd give it longer than a day, they will probably phone the successful applicant and let the others know by post. Give it a few days then ask for feedback on how you can improve your interview technique.

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