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Lucha Britannia: Lucha Underground October Championship Showdown

Lucha Britannia

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Last month the Lucha championship title race started and two of our Lucha warriors went through to the next round!


In our first qualifying matches in the championship build up, we had two fatal four ways to determine who would go through into the next round.

The winners, and now through to the quarter finals are El Pirano & Bengal Tiger.






Who will get through to the semi finals this show?






The high flying, award winning Cabaret Siniestro Wrestling show of the year, returns to make you gasp, rasp, woo, scream & clutch your undies!

With Britain's finest Lucha Libre, hard hitting, gravity defying stars & Neo Burlesque Beauties, featuring a huge cast of misfit miscreants from our RetroFutureVerse!!!


For this months awesome show you may well see....

Benjamin Louche, Glamazon Luchadoras Mamzelle Maz & Miss Miranda, Medical Bitches Tammy Torture, Ana Agony, Estupido the human Torpedo, Shiro Yoshida the Japanite BuzzSaw, Leon Britannico the British Lion, Metallico King of the Scrap Heap, Bradford W Bush the Yankee Wanka, Major Lee Rotten, Necrosis the Half Zombie, The Bengal Tiger Rajan Singh, El Pirano the Swamp Fish, El Demonio Frio, El Transexico, Santeria, Texico, Faith Bush, Janey Britannico, the fabulous Bakewell Boys, Los Hooligans & too many more to mention!!



Join the RevoLuchan!

Break the Silence!!


Dress Code - Exotic, Erotic, Quixotic or just damn Luchatastic!!

Star-crossed lovers, half human/half monster, famous couples, Mexican, retro, futuristic, showgirls, lucha libre, militaria, ballroom, harlot, gentleman, Victoriana, TV, men in black, circus, fetish, avante-garde, superhero, cyberpunk, steampunk, transvestite, animal disguise, vaudeville, ostentatious, old school wrestlers, kinky civil servants...just be wild!!!


* "It don't get much better than this. Mexican, British and Japanese wrestlers will be covering themselves in Deep Heat and causing 'muchos' pain, while burlesque starlets, gimps chomping at the bit and strange theatrical encounters make for one of the very best nights in town." - TIME OUT


* "Subversive and slickly packaged, this is a new school of weird - and I can't wait for the next one! Lucha Britannia is destined to be huge!"


* "Pounding your senses with devilish slices of delightful cabaret, it's a lovely mix and I want more, more, more! You won't find a mix of thrills and decadent theatrics like it anywhere in the UK."






The Future is Lucha!

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Our regular monthly shows take place in London. However we performed last week in Hertfordshire, were due to perform tomorrow in Bournemouth (the organiser cancelled not us), performed at the HMV Music Institute in Birmingham and we have also featured at Download, Glastonbury and the Reading and Leeds Festivals. We would love to come up to Scotland if possible :)

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Incredible night of quarter final action! The United Resistance Movement fans went crazy and broke the silence once again.


Bush went through to the semi final as did Britannico after competing in two hard fought triple threat matches.


That means that this time next month, Bush will be facing the Bengal Tiger, and Britannico will be facing El Pirana in the semi finals of the championship title race!


El Transexico, who has been coming on as a real strong contender of late, may have lost his round in the race but more than made up for it when he led his team to victory in the main 12 man tag event.


Santeria had some kind of magical hold over Metallico during their match with Britannico and referee Shiro seemed to be effected too, but luckily the spell was broken when one of the Luchadoras short circuited the Iron giant with a spray of water.


The Fabulous Bakewell Boys had a very unusual bout against Hooligan No1. and Estupido the Human Torpedo which resulted in doom and pain for the lovely northern lads!


The money man behind team America, Obadiah Indigo Lexington, or 'Texico' as he is known accompanied by his personal security Commander Dee, issued an open challenge to anyone in the building. A Resistance Gallery barman, Fraser, foolishly took up the challenge and although he showed great guts, was almost broken in two by the muscular Yank.

Commander Dee was later in the 12man tag where she faced off against Janey Britannico for the first time.


The violence was punctuated by the lovely Rose Thorne and the scary MisSa Blue, both performing fantastic acts to screams of wild adulation!


This was Lucha Britannia's incredible 15th show this year! dont miss next months amazing live action and silence breaking!

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