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Wrestling Revolution Project thread


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I personally think this promotion is going to be ace. Its got a bloke called Jeff Katz who was a WCW backstage assistant (who also produced the movie Snakes on a Motherfucking Plane) as the person behind it. Its a 12 episode TV series, in the format of Wrestling Society X - but without the editing and lack of selling. He's brought in a high tech Hollywood style production team shooting the action on cameras so high tech even WWE doesn't use them. There are no title belts, but they wrestle for a G-1 Climax style tournament prize.


The man on the right (YES THE RIGHT) is the ring announcer which already makes it better than Ring of Honor, Impact and Raw:



Everyone has their names changed though, which isn't anything to do with copyrights, but more to do with the wrestlers standing out as individual characters. The jury will be out on that until I see it though. The stars of the show are Adam Pearce as old school robe wearing heel Ridgeway



The star of the promotion is this man. What more do you want? MVP is now known as The Lord Of War and supposedly dresses and works like Masa Chono. Its supposedly really good as well.



Colt Cabana plays a heel failed standup comedian named PUNCHLINE. I'm not a huge Cabana fan, but a heel comedian called Punchline sounds like a brilliant gimmick:



Kenny Omega is Scott 'Corner Stone' Carpenter. No idea what thats about, wasnt much info on him:



They've tied Chris Hero to a contract for a few months by all accounts. But his dream of going to WWE may not be in vein, because he is now known as ... CHRIS HYPE:



The deal-breaker is, there is a man on the roster known as Concrete, he promises to dominate the whole roster and become the star he always should have been. Concrete is ...



There is also a bodyguard called Brick Shithouse, a wrestler who texts while he wrestles, a German Nihilist, a Satanic Priest, Davari and a bunch of people I haven't heard of. Sounds like it lives up to the billing. Haven't read the match-by-match spoilers yet, but I am looking forward to it. It has Keith David, MVP and Chris Masters on the show. I dont see how it could possibly be shit.

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This certainly looks interesting, some decent guys been announced for it but are they taking the piss with the names a bit? I mean, they're a bit naff aren't they? Concrete? The Lord Of War? It's all a bit Pro Wrestling's Biggest Secrets Revealed for me. Brick Shithouse is a fucking brilliant name though, I'm surprised nobody has done that before.

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I love this concept, said so in the previous thread. I'm going to avoid spoilers. When does it start?

They tape all 12/13 episodes over the coming 5 days, so they are showing it soon after. I dont think there's a set date yet, but they say its soon after the tapings. Hopefully we get it before Christmas.


Aren't Prince Devitt and Luke Gallows in on this too?

Gallows is on there. Prince Devitt's been replaced by Chris Hero because he's had to drop out. All kinds of conspiracy theories going on there. Some say New Japan has blocked him moving, others are saying he got pulled at the airport because someone phoned up and said he was a terrorist. There's also rumours that he'll make some of the tapings later on in the week. Absolute madness.

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Rowdy Piper as ring announcer, hells yeah.

You didn't read it properly, did you? That, or you can't tell left from right. Or Ian can't.


But yes, MVP, Gallows and The Masterpiece. I am sold.


Ha no i did not! i just looked a Piper and was like "oooh". Its like when i read a paper I just look at the pictures :p

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