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SWA: Point of Origin, October 29th - Uddingston

Mikey Freedom

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From scottishwrestling.co.uk


Back in Uddingston for the first time since January, the Scottish Wrestling Alliance has changed a lot since that time. At Clan Wars on August 26th in Motherwell, The SWA Originals defeated the Ascension, giving Eric Canyon the SWA Tag Team Championships...only moments later to lose the NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship to "The Surprise Package" Andy Anderson, who cashed in his championship match contract. With the battle lines still drawn, it's going to be a wild and unpredictable night in the Viewpark Community Centre....




NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship

"The Surprise Package"Andy Anderson(champion) vs "The Lowland Original" Glen Dunbar


"The Surprise Package" and his rampant rise to the top of the SWA tree has not gone un-noticed. This year has seen Andy square off against Paul Tracey in one great match after another, wrestle in both the US and Canada, become NWA Scottish Heavyweight Champion, and defended it against 4 men at the same time. And he's done all this before he turns 20. A current and future star, Andy is constantly setting himself new goals and each one is loftier than the last, even if they go against the grain of those in the SWA Originals and current co-owners Eric Canyon & PJ Murphy. At Point of Impact, the powers that be are given their first opportunity to wrestle the NWA title, the crown jewel of the Scottish Wrestling Alliance, away from the superstar-in-the-making.


Their choice being none other than "The Lowland Superstar" Glen Dunbar. A man who has also seen action outside of these shores, Dunbar has proven championship experience, a veteran wrestling mind, and a will to win as strong as any in the SWA. Having spent 8 years waiting for a shot at the NWA title on an SWA show, "The Lowland Superstar" is in no mood to let this opportunity slip past. In the midst of a three-way feud between himself, Dickie Divers & CJ Hunter which has raged through the SWA's sister promotion Source Wrestling, Dunbar sees this as the chance to firmly implant himself at the top of the ladder in the SWA and cement his place in NWA history.


SWA Laird of the Ring Championship


Joe Coffey

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Just added to the card for this Saturday:



Damian O'Connor vs "The Lord of the Manor" Paul Tracey


Speaking of title aspirations, meet The Agressive Technician, and the Lord of the Manor. Thanks to the machinations of Eric Canyon and Peter Murphy, Damian O'Connor has been kept as far away from the SWA title picture as the Originals could manage. With Andy Anderson now with the NWA title, the game has changed, and everyone is looking to get in the frame for a title shot. Step forward(and show some respect - his words) "The Lord of the Manor". After engaging with(and beating) Andy Anderson in a series of singles matches, Mr. Tracey considers himself a top contender. With these two men looking to take the next step and look towards a future championship opportunity, there is a lot ot play for in this internationally-flavoured matchup.


Intergender Tag Team Special Attraction

CJ Hunter & Nikki Storm v Dickie Divers & Kirsty Love


The New Breed vs The Originals. Dominance in the SWA Women's Division. Two entirely separate stories, but raging all the time, every night. But this goes deeper than that. For months on SWA's sister promotion, Source Wrestling has seen CJ Hunter and Dickie Divers wrestle over the SWA T-Division trophy in a series of matchups that just keep getting better and better. And on Saturday night it spills over on to the SWA main tour. But why not spice things up by adding in a personal feud on top of the deeply-talented SWA women's division. Everywhere the recently-reinstated Nikki Storm goes, she finds Kirsty Love looking for revenge. Kirsty's former mentor viciously turned on the young up-and-comer earlier this year, and Love has been looking for retribution and to prove that she can stand on her own two feet. Two feuds coming to a head, and they'll meet head-on in Uddingston.


"The Butcher" Scott Renwick vs "The Better Half" Jackie Polo


Scotty is not a happy man right now. Clan Wars saw him fly into a fit of rage after being disqualified in the main event in Motherwell, taking his anger out on everyone that came near him, and it didn't matter who they were aligned with. I wouldn't want to the be the guy facing him in Uddingston....but then again I've not got a point to prove. Jackie Polo has been looking for a way onto the map for a long time, and after a strong performance against Joe Coffey on Source, is looking to knock off a big scalp and see his career in SWA take off. All he's got to do is beat a man who is a modd to beat the living daylights of anyone and get back to the NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship....easy, right?




The card so far:


NWA Scottish Heavyweight Title

Andy Anderson

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Quick Results


Con cut a promo with both sides of the NuGen vs Originals, couldn't understand a word he said.


Falcon beat Lewis Girvan, after the match he took off his mask and spat on it.


Jackie Polo defeated Scott Renwick by Count out when Scotty walked away


Joe Coffee beat Eric Canyon to retain the Laird of the Ring Championship


Nikki Storm and CJ Hunter defeated Kirsty Love and Dickie Divers


Damo O Connor beat Paul Tracy

After the match Barry Miller attacked Damo from behind with a chair, Con chased him off, Damo got up, saw Con with the chair, and attacked him.


Andy Anderson defeated Glen Dunbar to retain the NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship

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