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HEW Presents International Defiance - Friday November 18th

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HEW returns to Harlow Greyhound Stadium on Friday November the 18th with perhaps the biggest show in the history of the company.


stars scheduled to appear so far:


HEW Champion Rowdy Ricky Knight.

Allison Danger.

Joe Legend.

Sam Adonis.

The Devils Playboys - Brett Meadows and Sam Knee.

Sweet Saraya.

Zebra Kid.

The Guvnor Martin Stone.



more to be announced soon.


Tickets are priced at

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HEW returns to Harlow Stadium on Friday November 18th for a huge AMERICAN WRESTLING EXTRAVAGANZA feturing former stars of WWE and more!


first matches announced:



Joe Legend vs. one half of The Devils Playboys Brett Meadows.



USA's Sam Adonis vs. NORWAY'S Aron Frost


3 more exciting matches to be announced

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See USA Shimmer star Allison Danger this weekend, friday 18th Nov HEW Wrestling, Harlow stadium, 7-30pm, Sat 19th WAWW Breckland Centre, Costessey Norwich, 7pm, Sunday 20th Community centre North Walsham. 6-30pm for tickets tel 0800 046 8164 office hours. 0800 046 2832 10am-10pm mob 07880 977 512 call or text

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Commissioner Cox & Sam Knee announced at the start of the show that advertised talent Joe Legend was unable to make the show because he had cracked his sternum wrestling in Germany against PN News.


1. Aron Frost pinned Sam Adonis with a TKO. Great little match, with Adonis working the crowd like a pro, and Frost being awesome as usual.


2. Zak Zodiak and Zebra Kid went to a double countout. A tidy match, with lots of back and forth action - including some breathtaking criss-crosses. The two were brawling outside and couldn't meet the referee's ten count. Zak asked for five more minutes, but Zebra said he'd "done his back in" and refused.


3. Brett Meadows pinned Brad O'Brien with an Essex Bomb. Never seen Brad before - he looks very young, but was surprisingly great and got over really well. I assume he's one of Brett's trainees - but this was far better than I initially expected when this young guy ran out for an unscheduled appearance (he was replacing Legend)


- After the interval, they had the contract signing for Ricky Knight vs Sam Knee at Takeley Jubilee Hall on December 17th for the HEW Heavyweight Title. Knight tried to get into the head of Knee, and eventually grabbed Knee's watch and hit it on the ringpost and stomped it to oblivion. An irate Knee explained that the watch was a gift from his Grandfather just before he died, and immediately rushed Knight. A number of staff had to separate the two, and Commissioner Cox explained that Knee would get his hands on Knight, as long as he signed the contract. A cocky Knight continued to taunt Knee from ringside. Before he he left, Knee apologised for his actions this evening, but would apologise for nothing on December 17th. Awesome old school heat angle. Very well done by both parties.


- Danny Blaze came out and cut a promo explaining that his opponent (Martin Stone) had cried off from the match, and took the time to run down his former "glam" gimmick. He said that there was no place in wrestling for makeup, glitter and wigs. He was introduced to his opponent for the evening....

4. Priscilla pinned Danny Blaze with a Schoolgirl rollup reversal to Blaze's attempt at a Sliced Bread II.


5. Sweet Saraya pinned Allison Danger to become the new HEW Women's Champion. Danger did her elbow in at some point during the match, although the two battled through the venue including behind the bar. Towards the end of the match, Zebra Kid came out and threw Danger into the ring post and then back into the ring. Saraya covered Danger by sitting on her chest and won the belt. Zak Zodiak came out afterwards and ran off Saraya & Zebra. Zak threw out a challenge for a mixed tag right there, but Saraya refused unless she got paid her fee again. However, Saraya announced that at WAW, they've now got the WAW World Women's Title back from Germany (where Blue Nikita was the former champion) and that she'd put that vacant title on the line against Danger tomorrow in the main event of the WAWW show in Costessey. Danger agreed.




Hell of a fun show. All matches delivered - even in the face of a couple of advertised talents not being there. Match of the night may have been Aron Frost vs Sam Adonis, actually - the loud mouthed American getting his comeuppance by the plucky babyface is always a really easy and fun story to get into. Danny Blaze's new character is really good, and his promo - whilst long, was well delivered and made sense. Priscilla, by the way, is the former Ollie Burns - and was great value playing off Danny. Oh, Blaze, by the way, was the recipient of my new favourite chant of all time - "Danny's got a fanny!" (chanted with GUSTO by a group of pre-teens).

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