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WWE Vengeance 2011 Discussion Thread


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That's your proof? The Sun?


WWE magazine maybe, though that's usually full of stuff that doesn't happen anywho, but The Sun? They don't even reference WWE mag, they just seem to have out two and two together and got seven thousand.


Direct quote from the Magazine:


"On October 23 Vengeance rises from the grave in the form of an all new Pay Per View. What better time and place for The Undertaker to make his return to a WWE ring? After all, it was a year and a day to the date that the Deadman lost a Buried Alive match to Kane with the aid of the Nexus at 2010's Bragging Rights. The Phenom hasn't come calling for revenge on that score (some streak got in the way) So if we were Kane or Wade Barrett, we'd watch our backs come October. And if you happen to hear the ominous gong, you'll know the bell indeed tolls for thee."


Only hints as I say, but intersting nopne the less.

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