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The Best Way For Talent To Promote Themselves?


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Just a question out of pure general curiosity here. The independent scene in both the US and the UK is pretty rich with familiar places going from one company to the next. Hence how the UKFF Top 50 has become so popular, guys such as El Ligero are so exposed in this country that anybody who supports Britwres would have seen him live.


To all promoters out there; is it easier for talent to contact you or do you personally only book the talent you choose to contact?


With the guys in the UKFF 50, they're names that I'm assuming most bookers go out of their own way to sign up to their shows, names such as Zak Sabre Jr., El Ligero, Marty Scurll, Dave Mastiff and more are Britwres household names so to speak. But what's the situation when it comes down to somebody new who is trying to break into the business?


What is the best way for a no-namer to promote themselves? Thoughts?


Back in the day it used to be popular for wrestlers seeking entrance into WWE to flood their mailbox with promotional images of themselves alongside VHS tapes and DVD's of their matches. Is this still the case today or has the internet (YouTube, email, Facebook) taken over that traditional format? In the sense of the WWE, I think it boils down to being noticed now through trials etc. rather than just personal promotion.

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Be colourful. Just for example, Premier Promotions comes to Bournemouth and there are several younger guys around who look pretty good in the ring like Josh Devonshire and Gareth Harris but don't have much personality.


However, one guy who is a semi-regular is 'Pretty Boy' Dan Walsh. He has quickly gone from just another name on the program to being included in the advertisement articles in the local Echo. His 'I'm so sexy' gimmick is hilarious and he shows expert comedy skills and personality. He's colourful and therefore more liked than most of the other guys in Bournemouth.

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