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X Factor. The Live Shows

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So the Live shows start tonight on ITV @ 7:30. Anybody think they have the winner picked out yet? Who is going to go tonight? What will Cheryl be wearing? Oh wait on.


So this is how William Hill have it at the moment betting wise. The Brief description is by me and not William.



3/1 Janet Devlin Irish lass who said she didn't like to wear shoes because being barefoot kept her grounded.... Dickhead.


7/2 Amelia Lily Boro lass who keeps telling us it's for her fucking Dad. Quite good looking but only 16 :crazy: My prediction to win.


8/1 Misha Bryan Manc Lass who who through a rap out i believe. Good voice but not winning material.


8/1 Frankie Cocozza You know him,You hate him. It's Frankie at 8/1 :duh: My mates did the season in Malia when he was there. They said he is a good chap. I don't believe them.


12/1 Marcus Collins Scouse Hairdresser. Like Gary said his voice is a bit generic. Will go far but not a winner.


12/1 Sophie Habibis Don't remember her but she turned up to Kelly's house did a great performance and got through. Dark Horse?


14/1 Craig Colton Chubby faced lad with odd shaped body. Good voice and maybe just maybe has a chance.


16/1 Nu Vibe Ermmmmm 5 lad Super group. I don't think they can do a "One Direction"


20/1 James Michael The boy who is missing his guitar. Seems likable enough but don't think he has the voice.


20/1 The Risk 2 super groups combined to make a Super Super group. 3 forgettable people from a rubbish band and the good singer for that other Boy band.


33/1 Kitty Brucknell How hated by the end?


40/1 Jonjo Kerr Solider with little personalty and not the best voice. Wonder how many times they will play out that he has been to Afghan?


40/1 2 Shoes Why not 4 shoes? 2 Chubby lasses Essex. Not going to go far.


50/1 Johnny Robinson Jonny needs some new gear but seems nice enough. 50/1? This guy got through to the Grand final of Stars in their eyes.


50/1 Sami Brookes Chunky chick who took Goldie place when she dropped out. A bit sore on eyes and slightly annoying. Not going far.


66/1 Rhythmix A Girl Group has no chance do they? Good looking lasses though.


So who is going this weekend and who is going to win?

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My guesses would be:Boys - James MichaelGirls - Sophie HabibisOver 25s - Jonjo KerrGroups - RhythmixMostly because I think they're the most boring, and they need to keep the "interesting" (I use that word loosely) ones in for a few weeks at least to keep the show in the media i.e. Kitty, Frankie, Johnny etc. They'll weed them out over time and leave the talent at the end.I'll be honest and say this is the least interested I've ever been in an X-Factor live lineup. I think X Factor USA has been vastly superior and their bootcamp made our lot look absolutely ridiculous.

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Obviously, she is a total dickhead, but Kitty is entertaining in a car crash TV kind of way at least, so I hope she sticks around for a few weeks. The more hated she becomes, and the more outraged the general public become at her surviving each week will be my only form of entertainment from this. Much like Wagner and Katie whats-her-face from last year, and Jedward before that, and so on.

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Other than the fat kid, this full show has been shocking.

Can't believe I've sat through this, but I think Kelly has the toughest task of all in eliminating an act. I think it's a toss up between Amelia and Sophie, and I personally didn't like the arrangement on Amelia's song so would can her. Really enjoyed Misha and Diana Vickers #2, and Sophie will be unlucky to go after that performance. Frankie was the weakest male by some way, but it is clear they want to keep him in the show, and I think Gary will end up ditching James. JonJo was also very poor to the point that I see Charles Hawtrey being around for another week at least. The Risk were the best band by a country mile; Two Shoes were disappointing, I didn't 'get' Rhythmics and Nu Vibe weren't up to much.
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Man, the fact that the judges each have to ditch one of their own acts tomorrow seems like a deeply flawed concept. This is the first series of The X-Factor that I have followed so I don't know how it worked before.


All The Girls are really good and it's a shame that one of them will have to go home tomorrow night. Whereas with The Groups I think you ditch the whole lot with the exception of The Risk and the competition would be no poorer.


With each category aside from The Girls I know who I would ditch if I was forced to make a choice. For The Overs Jon Joe Kerr would be gone, and that's despite the fact that I was friends with his brother at school. For The Boys I would get rid of James who, if I'm being honest, made a great Beetles song boring as shit. For The Groups I would ditch Two Shoes.


With The Girls though it's hard as fuck. Based on tonight's performances I would get rid of Amelia Lily as I think that the way she performed Billie Jean didn't showcase her voice the way the other girls performances allowed them to. That's not to say that I think that she should actually go. She still one of the better acts in the competition, and gave on of the better performances of the night.

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song line up for tonights show for those that want to knowboysfrankie - the a team (ed sheeran)craig - jar of hearts (christina perri)james - ticket to ride (the beatles)marcus - moves like jagger (maroon 5 ft. christina aguilera)girlsamelia - billie jean (michael jackson)sophie - teenage dream (katy perry)misha b - rolling in the deep (adele)janet - fix you (coldplay)groupsnu vibe - beautiful people (chris brown)rhythmix - super bass (nicki minaj)the risk - she said (plan b)2 shoes - something kinda ooh (girls aloud)over 25'sjohnny - believe (cher)kitty - who wants to live forever (queen)sami - free (ultra nate, i think)jonjo - you really got me (the kinks)

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So my thoughts are


Amelia - Awful outfit and awful song choice. Defiantly as talent but with the twist is she going to go?


Johnny - Looked like a fucking div. Voice sounded like it should be on a Euro dance track.


Rhythmics - The arraignment of the song was 50/50. Can see potential but not winning potential so is there any point?


Frankie - Hate the song. Thought the performance was stale.


Sophie - Likable and thing she did a good job with the song. Unfortunately my 2 favorites (Amelia/Sophie) will go tomorrow.


Jonjo - Dogshit. Got to go.


2 Shoes - Once you saw that car you knew they was gone. Dogshit.


James - Not a fan of the sob story. Thought his voice was good but the song didn't go due to no payoff.


Misha - Was doing great before and after her rap. The rap was shit. Not to keen on her on a whole.


Nu Vibe - Great song choice,ok vocals and a ok performance. Safe but not heading anywhere.


Marcus - Smooth performance. Looks the part and has a decent voice.


Sami - Is huge. Does nothing for me.


The Risk - The best group but to old to appeal?


Craig - Great Vocal and song choice. Find him slightly annoying though.


Kitty - Didn't do anything for me. Good voice but not for me.


Janet - Ermm she is good but nothing special. Comes across as a bit of a oddball.

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