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Solution to the Economic Crisis?


Shit Day  

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Well i for one am totally fed up now with this recession! Having been threatened with redundancy & put on short time (on 3 occasions!) i feel it is now time for us ALL to rally together & contribute towards the future of this once great country.My idea is a simple one. We invent an 8th day of the week..........SHIT DAY! On Shit Day everyone (& i mean everyone) has to contribute to society for nothing. If you work, you donate your days pay to help fund the economic recovery. If you are a student/unemployed/prisoner/pensioner etc. You work on community based projects to improve everyones surroundings, while us grafters bring home the bacon! If you are a child, you spend an extra day at school. While i admit there would be a few teething problems, here is a list of some of the many benifits to my plan:1, Every 8th day a huge amount of money would become available to help us out of this mess2, Because there is now only 45 weeks in the year, children would have a longer education before reaching the age of leaving school.3, The pensions that we simplt can"t afford, would be unavailable to a lot less people as it would take an extra 8th of a lifetime to become eligible for retirement.4, Prison sentences would be an 8th longer5, Monday mornings would no longer be daunting.....Shit Day would fill your heart with misery instead :laugh: So this is my plan! There must be flaws in my idea? But if everyone was willing (or forced, for the unwilling!) I truely believe this could work. For those unwilling to contribute to our community we could employ "Shit Police" with our new found wealth, to make them tow the line. The employment of "Shit Police" would reduce unemployment & the wages that they don"t get on the 8th day of their new jobs would also go back into the community.THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT.......THE FUTURE IS SHIT!

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Why would you make this thread?

For the sames reasons that other people do, i guess? To share opinions, Oh & get us out of this recession if the government go along with my idea?
But it's shit and not funny.
Although there is (unfunny) humour in my post, There is also a serious point hidden in there that might not be "Shit"? While this awful recession is being blamed on greedy bankers & the government not controlling the greed/risk taking, of those bankers. I can"t help but think that we as a nation were already in a very vunerable position financially.I read an article that said that all the taxation generated each month from the entire UK"s pay packets does not cover the amount of benefits claimed! Obviously other forms of taxation added, such a fuel/vat etc. etc. Does eventually cover the huge cost of benefits claim. But this is my point! For far too long, not enough people contribute to society & far too many are on the take. While you may not agree with every single person contributing to society & dragging us out of this mess via "Shit day" would work? Would you not agree that had not so many people in the past been on the make & on the take. We as a nation would have been in a far better situation to deal with the mess that the bankers & government have left us in?
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