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UKFF Fantasy Booking Cup

Fatty Facesitter

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I've been working on this for a week or so, lets see if it catches on.


There's been some talk of fantasy booking of late, efed memories and all that kind of stuff. There's some extremely creative minds on this ol' forum and I think it's time we put some of those creative minds to the test. I had a stab at making a booking thread a couple of weeks ago and it went down reasonably well, so now I think I'll take a stab at something a bit grander. Of course, that's assuming the idea takes hold and enough folk are interested. If not, this'll go on the shelf. Anyway, here goes.




What I propose is the UKFF's equivalent of a fantasy booking FA Cup. Depending on the numbers that are interested, I'll be pitting you all against each other with different scenarios in each round. In no more than 500 words I'll get you to pen some creative genius on the subject of choice. It could be re-booking an old angle, it could be booking something coming up in the future. It could be booking a return, a retirement, a new arrival, anything. Then, once a 'match' of sorts has been completed, the best booking idea for that scenario progresses to the next round, and so on until we have an overall winner. The winner will bag a trophy and who knows, there may be other prizes in the offing throughout the tourne.


In terms of voting, be it via other UKFF'ers or by a general panel that I round up, I'll leave open to suggestion while I work out the kinks.




Simple, old school names out of the hat jobbie. You'll all be assigned numbers and then drawn into the respective brackets. In the event of odd numbers, I might throw in the odd triple threat or bye to even out the playing field.




Simple, be creative. Ideally you'll stray away from going to 'dark' and murky and 'deep'. In other words don't go all emo on me.


I'm not asking for deep character profiles here; I want colourful, vibrant, entertaining stuff. Stuff that people will read, enjoy and will enjoy reading when the log on. If you want to keep Mark Henry as a savage beast and keep him as a serious badass, then that's grand, but there's no need to write a bunch of spiel about a dark past, harsh childhood or any of that shit.


Otherwise, there's no preference in style. Want to go down the comedy route, i.e Ian having Triple H bringing back the clique in a Raw discussion thread? Go for it. Want to go down a route like NEWM in the Daniel Bryan thread where you rebuild his character with sensible booking? Hop on that horse. Each to their own, different styles are welcome and encouraged.


Remember, though I've put up a 500 word limit, the emphasis is more on quality rather than quantity. Just because you've penned 100 more words than the other guy doesn't mean you'll be sailing through to the next round.


The whole point is this thread is for people to exercise their creative brains. As is par for the course with most UKFF tourne's or things of this nature that get organised, they don't often get finished. But even so, there should at least be scope in this thread for a good few pages of literary goodness.


If you're in, confirm your interest by posting a picture containing a thumbs up. Like this!




Also, any other suggestions as to how YOU think this should go down, in terms of organisation, format etc, holla at me.




<-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler



Seeds in Bold



Dearly Devoted Dexter



Benoit Is Innocent

Cleetus Van Damme

Cobra Gordo

Adorable Adrian



vince russo



Fox Piss



Charles goodwill

scott 2k16






Sean Thomas Jolly



ricky slatter

Inspector Paul Solo

Dirty Eddie







[close spoiler]





The Draw, with links to booking entries


From here on, I'll link all the posts here so you can keep up to date with everything.




NEWM vs Dearly Devoted Dexter


majik vs Charles Goodwill


ButchReedMark vs Louch


Dirty Eddie vs Sheffbag


IanHitmanhart vs Sean Jolly


TheBigBoot vs 7_inch_M_4 _U


Slapnut vs TheBlackVinnyMac


CleetusVanDamme vs Inspector Paul Solo


Adorable Adrian vs Scott2k16


BenoitisInnocent vs omgmarc


vince russo vs Forrest


AJS269 vs Jesster


Cobra Gordo vs Fox Piss


Adam619 vs Stunstone316


SpotlightMagnet1 vs Ricky Slatter


Nexus vs mim731

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8 entries so far, so at the very least we can have a half decent and respectable contest in the making. I imagine a few more will jump on board after they log on from work and what not. No deadline for entry right now, just come on down!

We'd better have Butch vs Dexter booking Davey Richards in ROH as the opening contest.
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