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wXw 16 Carat Gold 2012


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1. El Generico (Tijuana, MEX)

2. Fit Finlay (Belfast, NRL)

3. Karsten Beck

4. Jon Ryan (Medway, UK)

5. Axeman (Dresden, D)

6. Zack Sabre jr. (Isle of Sheppey, UK)

7. Doug Williams (Reading, UK)

8. Johnny Moss (Egremont, UK)

9. Ricky Marvin (Veracruz, MEX)

10. Tommy End (Amsterdam, NL)

11. Drake Younger (Indianapolis, IN, USA)

12. ???

13. Marty Scurll (Cambridge, UK)

14. Sami Callihan (Bellefontaine, OH, USA)

15. Bad Bones (Bitburg, D)

16. Yoshihito Sasaki (Saitama, JAP)


First Round


Bad Bones vs Yoshihito Sasaki

Finlay vs Sami Callihan

Karsten Beck vs Drake Younger

Johnny Moss vs Doug Williams

Jon Ryan vs Zack Sabre Jr

Axeman vs Ricky Marvin

??? vs Tommy End

El Generico vs Marty Scurll


Big Van Walter & Robert Dreissker vs Daisuke Sekimoto & Freddy Stahl


Alternates 4 Way Dance

Noam Dar vs Jonathan Gresham vs Michael Dante vs Emil Sitoci


Night 2


wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship:

Big van Walter

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For travel tips, fly to dusseldorf international airport if possible, its a quick train from there to Oberhausen, as for hotels in Oberhausen the NH Hotel comes highly recommended. I went this year and have been itching to go back so I cannot wait for this, booking my flights and hotel end of this month. So simply put if your a fan of indy wrestling be there, wXw are easily the best wrestling company in europe and probably one of the most consistently good in the world right now.

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It's gonna' be a dear do for you and your dad, mate. Especially considering he's the one paying for it, I imagine. There is a hostel thats around the corner from NH Hotel thats supposedly quite abit cheaper. But I believe it's where they put the boys up, so getting a room may be an issue. As everybody says - fly into Dusseldorf, get the train to Oberhausen (pretty easy) and check in at the NH Hotel (beautiful place, and not too dear if split). This is quickly becoming a staple part of my calendar. I've been the last 2 years and hope to make it again, it truly is one of the best weekends of wrestling you're gonna find all year.

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