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Hulk Hogan roasted by & roasting (minor) celebs


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I just hate how they all site there and laugh along to stuff they clearly aren't find funny. I watched the Charlie Sheen one at the weekend and he sat there and laughed at someone cracking a joke about him losing his kids. Now unless there's something seriously wrong with him (yeah, I know.....) there's no way he's sitting there thinking "woah, good one!" when something like that is brought up. Lisa Lampanelli is the worst. Actually doing the full knee-slapping laugh routine when someone is calling her a fat cunt.


You realise before these roasts happen, the roastee can ask for certain topics not to be brought up if they don't want them to - everything on the show is what the roastee has allowed them to discuss.


Charlie Sheen's only request was that the roasters not mention anything about his mother, one of William Shatners requests was that they not mention his wife (who had died a year earlier in his swimming pool).

That's not really the point I was making. There's a difference between allowing jokes to be told and pretending to find them funny. If Sheen (or anyone on these roasts in the same position) is happy for something to be joked about then fair enough, but don't sit and pretend you're finding a joke about your kids being taken away funny.


Completely agree, its just the belief that they have to be good sports as by pretending to laugh with somebody, you become less of the joke and look like you are taking it all in your stride. That Lisa woman riles me up too, shes almost laughing and rolling in her chair before the joke is told, it effectively ruins any punch line and its all for show.

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I hate it when they turn up with a sheet of paper in their hand. Its alright if its Pammy or Hogan or Steve O, cause they arent comedians. They are faces there just to have the novelty of a celeb saying "up her cunt" or something. Hogan even does a "I cant say that" reaction when reading his lines. But for professional comedians, it just doesnt sit right seeing them turning the page over every few minutes. Bob Levy's the funniest, because he has no tact, looks like he's just shit himself when a joke doesnt go over (and there's a quite a few) and he cant read.


He said to Artie Lange (who's dead fell off a roof and got paralysed) "I may not be able to read or right, but I was a better roofer than your old man".

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