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WAW Updates, Yarmouth summer season, training dates etc


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matches confirmed so far for NOC2




Zebra Kid ENGLAND champion v Sam Adonis USA




Aron Frost NORWAY Champion v Brad Slayer ENGLAND


WAW British heavyweight title


Sam Slam champion v Solomon


WAW Light heavyweight title


Alex Young champion v Chuck Cyrus.




Army of 2 champions v London Ink






Judas Champion v Kip Sabin

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This show is tonight, people!

It promises to be an awesome show and with all of the problems that were encountered, with having to find a new venue in just over week, I'm sure that the men and women of WAW are gonna be raring to go and ready to tear the house down.


Be There!

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Results from last nites show Night of champions 2 in front of a sold out Project niteclub.


Match 1


Rex Wyld won a four corners match to become number one contender for the Academy title, beating Priscilla, Milky O'Hagen and TJ Daniels.


Match 2


Alex Young bt Chuck Cyrus to return British Light-Heavyweight Championship.


Match 3


Sam Slam bt Solomon to retain WAW British heavyweight Championship




London ink bt Army of 2 to become new WAW Open tag team champions.


Match 5


Britani Knight won a hardcore rumble to become WAWW Ladies hardcore champion, beating, Sweet Saraya, Destiny, Liberty, Amazon, Amy Lee Kramer and Penelope. Brutal match.


Match 6


Aron Frost v Brad Slayer, went to a no contest after a neck injury to Slayer, this was at the request of Aron Frost and referee Jimmy Ocean agreed.


Match 7


Judas bt Kip Sabin to ret, Academy Title.


Match 8 Main event.


Match abandoned at 1-1 when interference from Zak Knight hitting his brother with a kendo stick causing him to loose te title when Adonis pinned ZK mayhem followed, The two brothers had to be seperated it took the whole roster and security to keep them apart. Head official Jimmy Ocean, said the match was abandoned and the title would be suspended until the WAWCC decided what to do.



Jimmy Ocean

Carl Ford

Dave Finch



Mike Mann

Rick Knight

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The WAWCC have ordered a World title rematch between Zebra Kid and American Sam Adonis after the match at Project nite club finished in a mass brawl. The match will now take place at the Community centre North Walsham, this coming sunday 20th November, 6-30pm. there will also be stars from all over europe appearing. In the biggest show ever presented at Walsham. Book your tickets now, 0800 046 8164 office hours, 0800 046 2832 10am - 10pm mobile call or text 07880 977 512

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The show started off with a 9 man rumble featuring Soloman, Pat Taggard. Dave Daniels, TJ Daniels Brad O Brian, Brad Slater, Kip Sabin Milky o Hagan and Mitchell Starr which Soloman won


2 Alex Young Beat Chuck Cyrus ( with Tommy Lee) to retain The British light heavyweight title



3 Zebra Kid and Canary kid beat Scott fusion and Wayland Knox



4 Rex Wylde beat Pricilla



5 Amy Lee Kramer beat Liberty


6, Zak Knight and Sam Adonis ended in a double outside the ring count out

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WAW returns to the Blackfriars theatre Spain Road Boston Lincs, Saturday 3rd December with another action packed night of professional wrestling,


Wrestlers confirmed so far


Zebra Kid

Zak Knight

Rick Knight

Aron Frost

Alex Young

TJ Daniels


Rex Wylde

London inc


More stars to be announced soon


Tickets for this show are

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Amazon won a ladies Battle Royal, beating Destiny, Viper, Queen Maya, Stacy, Miss Mina, Violet, Kandy, Kirsty Love.


Zak Knight bt Canary Kid.


Brad Slayer bt Priscilla


Young ones won 4 corners tag match beating London ink. Army of 2 and Rex Wyld/Milky O,Hagen.


Britani/Sweet Saraya bt Allison Danger/Liberty.


kip Sabin bt Wayland Knox


Zebra Kid became new WAW World champion winning a fourway match v Sam Adonis USA, Aron Frost Norway and Chuck Cyrus England.



Jimmy Ocean

Mike Mann

Joe Penny



Mal Mason


Hottest crowd seen at show for a long team helped by the staff and players of North Walsham Town FC.

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Zak Knight bt Kip Sabin


Aron Frost bt Brad Slayer


Alex Young bt Zebra Kid by way of DQ


Aaron Sharpe bt TJ Daniels


Brad Slayer won a ten man survivor series v Wayland Knox, Dave Daniels,Aron Frost,Aaron Sharpe and Zak Knight. team, Slayer,Malky Taggart, Milky O'hagan, TJ Daniels and Canary Kid.



Joe Penny

steve Campbell



Mike Mann


Downham Market results.

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