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Twitter - You on it? Version 2.0

Snake Plissken

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Anyone know who @UKFFRumours is? Myself & Khemical just got tweeted a very odd Everything changes 01/01/12 message...

Can you link me to their page? I wouldn't dare follow them but I'm interested to see what they've been tweeting...I love Twitter. Said something this morning praising the film Dean Spanley, which is on over New Year (watch it, it's great and Peter O'Toole is astonishing in it) and got a tweet from the guy that directed it thanking me!I'm also being followed by The Backstreet Boys for some reason. :confused:
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If he's clever (which he's not) he'll already have his new account ready for the reveal on that date. Which one of the most recent signups is he, do we think?


EDIT: Dreamers Of Dreams sounds like a likely prospect straight away.

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If it leads to even half the hilarity of last time I'm all for it!


My days of Hulkamania fan long gone we all change. I just wanted to promote my youtube and 2 show u I have changed

Ok lets be honest Hulkamania Fan is back brother.



But somehow I doubt that he'll be able to go WEEKS without revealing himself.

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