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Vintage football shit


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Another thing I had was this Gazza mug. SMUGS they were called. Had a Beckham and a Gazza.



I had the Ruud Gullit one, which I bought with my birthday money on my 13th birthday. A fine purchase. My mate bought Les Ferdinand (the mug, not the man).

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Merlin Premier League 96 was the first sticker album I collected,it started my football addiction.Remember the morning before school that I got the No 1 shiny(Premier League crest)I've probably never been that happy again since!


Remember playing Fifa 95 and 96 on the Megadrive,or the mega sega drive as my ma called it,in my uncles house,my favourite bit was running away from the ref when he was trying to book you,hours of fun were had.


Shittest games that I can remember playing on the Playstation were Actua Soccer,Michael Owen's striker(or something like that)and Alex Ferguson's football manager.


First managment game I played that I actually enjoyed was called FA Manager,Barry Davies did the match commentary,and my proudest achievement was taking Fulham from Division 2 to winning the Premiership.From then on I've been obsessed with management games,LMA Manager,Championship Manager and now Football Manager.

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