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Are some of the people saying "wrestling shouldn't have fake comedy on it, it is our great sport and should be realistic" the same people as look forward to (and WankerChant for) over-choreographed, suspension-of-disbelief-killing, silly bullshit MOVEZ~?


Precisely. You see, in some ways I don't really have any problem with people enjoying those kinds of moves even if I hate them myself. What I don't get are bozos like Richie Freeturd (lolz it rhymes) who is constantly fucking bleating on about comedy in wrestling yet he will be the first one off his Le Coq Sportif clad arse applauding when he sees comedy moves like this.

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There is no way that ROH is ever going to be a mass-market venture, mostly for many of the exact reasons already spelt out by other people in this thread (the lack of larger-than-life characters, the style of matches, the types of moves, etc). A lot of it is, quite clearly, stupid.


Thing is, though, I don't believe that they are trying to be a mass market offering either, but are instead just trying to offer an alternative to those people who do like they type of thing that they do. It is a niche product aimed at the fans that like this type of thing, which clearly do exist. Obviously, they will never achieve anything above a moderately-low level of success in offering a niche product, but if they can get enough of these types of fans to follow their output they'll be able to earn a decent enough living for those involved.


It will always divide opinion, as it has from the start, since it quite clearly isn't for the majority. However, it seems they are quite content to keep putting out their style of product to the people that it does cater for, and those people will continue to enjoy it.


I do follow ROH and, as people would see where I air my frustrations with the whole thing in my show/DVD reviews in the 'ROH Discussion Thread', there is both some stuff that I like in there and plenty that I don't (again, mostly for the reasons people have already mentioned).


I must point out, however, that I haven't actually watched the new TV yet....


EDIT: found my post from a few months ago where I tried to make almost the exact same point:

I don't get the impression ROH is trying to or wants to compete with the likes of WWE - not they ever, ever could in any fashion even if they did. They are a niche product presenting a certain style and are happy just trying to offer an alternative to those who want to go and find one. Naturally, those who are looking for that particular alternative and end up following ROH will generally enjoy it, since they have found a niche product catering specifically to their requirements. Of course, this also leads to plenty of those types fiercely (and somewhat stupidly on occasion) defending their 'own' promotion as superior to the mass market offering. It isn't, of course, but the truth is it's more suited to what they are looking for in pro wrestling.


While it is by it's very nature and always will be small-time in comparison to WWE and TNA, if they continue to do what they do and grow steadily there's no reason why they won't be able to achieve moderate success and earn a decent enough living for those involved, at the same time as creating a product that their target fanbase will thoroughly enjoy.


Some of the arguments being put forward by the pro-ROH defenders in this thread are ridiculous. They can't leave it at they happen to like something that others don't, but instead try to put over their silly arguments as to why their product is superior. Daftness.

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WWE has a wacky universe of its own creation where weird shit can happen. (I don't know anyone who defends the Hornswoggle stuff, but whatever). It's a bit of a cartoon at times, and mostly doesn't take itself very seriously. ROH, on the other hand, does, and so it's bullshit is far more jarring because it's all part of this "Wrestling is a sport!" bullshit whilst completely destroying suspension of disbelief.


That sums it up. It's the WWE Universe. It is it's own insular world where anything can happen. It doesn't promote itself as the PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW UNFETTERED SERIOUS COMPETITIVE SPORT OF WRESTLING. ROH does.

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