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DROPKIXX WRESTLING (Ilford; Saturday 24th September 2011)


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I attended Dropkixx’s show in Ilford last night and I have to say I was very impressed.


The evening opened with a juniors triple threat elimination match for the junior title at around 7.30pm. This was a really fun way to open the show and all three boys worked well. The match was a great way to get the crowd going and was ultimately won by Jacob (?) who became the new champion.


The second match saw Eddie The Vet Cornell take on Lucy Claden in an Intergender match. Cornell cut a very funny promo before hand which set up the bout well. The two had good chemistry and the match was fairly decent. The only issue I had was the fact that Cornell was beaten so easily.


The third match saw Ryan Albright take on Yorghos. This match started off slow but got better as it went on. Bradley Albright was at ringside and complimented his brother brilliantly during and after the bout.


The next match was a womens triple threat match. Like the juniors, the three girls worked hard and the match was good fun. Jezabeth knows how to work the crowd and the other two were good as babyfaces. The finish came when Brooke(?) pinned Coleen Masters.


Following this, Callum Bullseye Chuck took on the brilliant Hugh Mungus in a fun match. I wasn’t completely sure what they was aiming for but it was a good match and the crowd liked it. It didn’t last that long but was a good way to finish the first half of the show.


After the interval, Dave Rose took on Jazz in a fairly one-sided match. Rose spent most of the bout beating down on his opponent which didn’t really do much for me. Jazz was the hometown hero and got a huge reaction from the crowd so I didn’t really understand why he got barely any offence.

The match concluded after the referee pulled Rose away from Jazz and claimed that he had submitted. After this, the legendary Jon Ritchie made a guest appearance and defended Jazz to a huge reaction; before Yorghos came to the ring and aligned himself with Rose. This was a really great part of the show which the crowd ate up.


The seventh match saw Bradley Albright take on Josh Faulkner in a non-title match. This match was good but Faulkner’s relentless clapping soon got annoying and I don’t think he’s a very likeable face. The finish saw Albright pinning Faulkner and berating him afterwards.


Finally, the main event saw HXL take on The Dochertys for the tag team titles. The crowd came alive for this match and it was a fun affair which saw a fair amount of back and forth action. The Dochertys were really over with the audience and the finish was a double count out.

After this, The Albright Brothers and Dave Rose & Yorghos came out. I couldn’t really hear what was going on but I believe they announced a fourway tag match for their next show on Saturday.


All in all, I was really impressed with the show and I had a great evening. None of the matches were bad and did not go on too long (as is usually the case at British shows these days). Everybody worked hard and they done a good job of building towards their upcoming show next week.


There was a good mix of talent featured and it was encouraging to see a smaller promotion put a show together so well. They drew a good crowd size with people from different backgrounds that all seemed to have fun. If I was the trainer at Dropkixx I would be very proud of everyone’s performances.

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Six years since the last Dropkixx show I attended. Pleased to say not disappointed.

I went after seeing a you tube vid of Dave Rose having a go at his student, who was Rose's opponent at the the show Johnny Gill.

It was an unusual promo to say the least, but got me and some friend's talking about Wrestling again.

It was the reason we ended up going.

Maybe if you didn't see this PW123 it may have seemed an odd match, However the pop when Notorious John Ritchie entered the ring at the end proved it worked I think.

There was what you could call a tease when it looked like rose & Ritchie were about to go at it, (I marked anyway) then Yorghos seemed to be the one who would get involved against Rose, only for Yorghos and Rose to attack Ritchie.

The Timing was at its best and the experience of all three men shone through as the drew it out perfectly. It was a good moment.

Other match's that included a girl's match and some Jnr Wrestlers announced clearly as Academy match's brought a family feel to the show and to be fair I seen a lot worse adult match's.

The other main match's were very good, the stand out's had to be the Awesome Allbright's, keeping the heavy and light heavy title's in the family.

I struggle to remember other name's but Hughmugus match was tough enough and comical enough to keep us in our seats (with empty glass's).

The tag was good and got better when all the gathering Tag teams stormed in claiming there match for the title's.

Oh yeah the lady referee was a great touch and certainly took no nonsense.

Oh and Lucy Clayden in fantastic shape against the cockney guy, not sure if that was a hurried match up, if it was it was inspirational and a 10 count out when Lucy chinned him. really funny contest.

In all

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@Dropkixx promotion.


I know there is an advert/thread on here for the show on saturday,however it still has not named any Wrestler's/match's. ?


Coming out of the Ilford show there will be the four way tag-team match which sees HXL vs. Yorghos Christopoulos/Dave Rose vs. Flying Scotsmen vs. Albright Brothers!


More matches will be announced over the coming days, please check the topic that's been created for the show.


You can expect to see all the usual Dropkixx wrestlers to appear!

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I regret not attending the Ilford bill!! Good to see fellow UKFF'ers give the show a great review!


I do hope to try and get along to the show this coming saturday however how far is the venue from a railway station?


Plus what Dropkixx Wrestlers can we expect to see?


The nearest station is East Tilbury.


It's roughly a ten minute walk from the station, along a straight road until you reach the industrial estate where the Bucket O' Blood gym is. If you want I can PM you a contact number if you need further directions?

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