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PRO WRESTLING ELITE - Friday 21st October -

Pro Wrestling Elite

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I actually was, but he was the first though. He then vacated and Wolfgang won the following tournament. Wolfgang couldn't really have beaten Lionheart for the belt and then told him he's not getting another shot if he didn't have the belt to defend against him in the first place. ;)


Wolfgang's first reign as O/W champ started the night he beat Lionheart in the ladder match to win the vacant title.

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Can't remember the order of the matches but


Wolfgang beat Lionheart


BT Gunn beat Mikey Whiplash


Kid Fite beat Davey Blaze


Noam Dar beat Zach Sabre JR


Chris Rampage beat "The Highlander" Colin Mckay - If Colin lost he got fired


Carmel, Liam Thomson and Sean South beat Kay Lee Ray, Joe Coffey + Andy Wild


El ligero won 4-way elimination match against Joey hayes, Martin Kirby and Kris Travis

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Wolfgang def Lionheart with help from BCW owners the Mckay's

Solid opener that got the crowd into the show

Post Match Lionheart addressed Colin about his antics & a Challenge was issued that was picked up by Chris Rampage (treated by Colin as a ring guy) & if he wins Colin is FIRED


BT Gunn def Mikey Whiplash

Fun match that went off without a hitch (also increased anticipation for Whiplash v Jester @ ICW sun)


Kid Fite def Davey Blaze

Solid match between the 2


Noam Dar def Zack Sabre Jr

Chain, Counter & Submission Wrestling at it's best (Match of the Night by a country mile it was that good)


Chris Rampage def Colin McKay w/Charles Boddington due to Help from Lionheart

The match was alright with the Right outcome as Lionheart messed with Colin's plans & thus is Fired From PWE


Liam Thompson, Sean South & Carmel Jacob def Andy Wild, Joe Coffey & Kay Lee Ray (Carmel over KLR)

decent match with Liam getting the deciding blow on KLR that Carmel picked up scraps (also liked the darker side of Sean South)


4 Man Elimination Match Featuring Kris Kravis, Joey Hayes, Martin Kirby, El Ligero won by El Ligero


Elimination Order


1 Hayes by Kirby

2 Kirby by Travis

3 Travis by Ligero

The match was fun


All in All a Great show to open the "Big 3 Weekend"

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