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Jeff hardy off to thje slammer


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Hopefully this'll give him a chance to realise he's a grown up man and a father now and needs to stop acting like a stupid teenager with no responsibilities. Sadly I won't be surprised if I do hear at some point that Jeff is messing around and getting himself in trouble again but I hope I'm wrong.


I think if he got himself into rehab, got the proper treatment and focused on his family and his career and so on that he could go back to being the top guy in TNA or even a top guy in WWE (obviously there are guys there now who haven't messed up chances and have rose right up the ladder and I don't think he'd have a chance against them again) and more importantly be a good father and a responsible and good role model. At the end of the day I don't think Jeff's a bad guy, I think he's just suffering from addictions which can affect anyone, as I said I just hope he can get this sorted out.


Unlike Matt, Jeff seems to be suffering from his own demons, his addictions and he's not really an attention seeker, Matt on the other hand seems like he may also have certain addictions but he is a huge attention seeker and I think that's the reason why a lot of people recently have been hating on Matt. I have noticed there is not as much hate for Jeff, it seems like a lot of people realise his addictions are his demons and are somewhat beyond his control and I guess that's why a lot of people seem to wish him well and hope he does get into rehab and get the right treatment.

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Its scary that people are gutted that someone isnt going to prison for a long time. The court ruled 10 days. Fair enough. If he got 20 years, does it make a difference to anyones day? He's got off lightly. Good for him. All of our heroes from the 1980s and 1990s were far worse than him. If you searched Hulk Hogan's bum bag, he'd have got more than 10 days in 1987.


Difference is, Hogan didn't no-show PPVs or come out to the ring sauced off his head and unable to perform. Hogan was a machine, a drugs-snorting wrestling machine.


My problem with Jeff isn't that he's a drug user, it's that he''s such a fucking pussy about it. Bang a line of coke, go out there and work your ass of for the fans. After the PPV you can fuck yourself up with mephedrone or somas or whatever he does.


Jeff Hardy is a whiny kid in a man's world.

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Im indifferent about it but its seems daft how celebs get away with shit that would put any normal person away for a long time.

But they don't. Plenty of normal people get light sentences, you just don't get to hear about it.

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